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15 Chrome Add-ons Every Dev Should Have
14-04-2017, 21:04
Developers today have a wide assortment of tools at their disposal. Whether it's creating content or taking screenshots for a website, add-ons to Chrome can be an incredible boon. Many of these can save time, money and streamline the process of building everything from an eCommerce site to a basic
Best Resources to Use for Web Design Ideas for Your New Blog
1-04-2017, 15:38
Believe it or not, you don’t need a big budget or graphic design skills to start a blog. There are many online resources that can help you start a blog from sites that provide you templates, royalty free images, icons, to in-depth tutorials....
7 Surprising Sources of Web Design Inspiration
23-03-2017, 12:46
Designing a website comes with a series of real challenges including idea generation. It seems impossible to think of new ideas for your site when the web is covered with designs others have already claimed....
10 Best Web Programming Blogs to Read
21-03-2017, 11:02
Designing software programs isn’t easy as there are many things that you need to know. Which frameworks to use, which cloud services to use, which APIs to use, and so on. The more software you create, the more you learn and the easier it becomes. Software developers often create blogs and share
Site Owners Are Helping Spread Information About Zika
16-01-2017, 10:01
It is not uncommon for web designers and site owners – the entire World Wide Web community – to work together on solving a common problem. We saw this type of cooperation during the Net Neutrality debate. Today, site owners are assisting the government in fighting misconceptions about the Zika
Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business
14-12-2016, 14:14
Using WordPress for your business website or professional blog is a really good idea because it’s supported by a huge community and has an abundance of resources for customization. However, due to the popularity of WordPress, choosing which theme to use is a lot harder than it sounds. There is an
Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme for a Healthcare Blog
30-11-2016, 11:00
WordPress is more than just a great service you can use to host your blog; you can also use it to purchase attractive templates on which you can build your website. But when you’re developing a healthcare blog, specifically, you need to hone in on the right WordPress themes so you can get the best
Website Creation Tips for Games Developers
7-11-2016, 11:49
There's a lot of stiff competition on the internet between brands and businesses for attention. Ranging in depth from aesthetics to sheer substance, businesses compete for the attention and loyalty of consumers in a number of different ways....
Tabular data extraction from a complex and bad PDF Documents - Tips and Tricks
26-10-2016, 10:03
Many programmers and developers face the problem of extracting tabular data from PDF documents and in this article, I’m going to talk about important moments, solutions and will demonstrate how to work with PDF conversion....
A blogger’s guide to getting your writing noticed
21-10-2016, 18:27
Today, blogging is about more than just venting your frustrations on the web for people to read and comment on. In fact, regular blogging has become an essential part of creating a reliable content marketing strategy designed to get your business noticed and attract potential profits. If you've
Five tips to make your website more secure
17-10-2016, 10:52
Security is an critical element of any site so it’s important to ensure it’s 100% secure. Once you have purchased your web hosting account and set-up your new blog or website, then comes the challenge of making your website secure.....
How to Choose a Reputation Management Service
14-10-2016, 18:52
You may have heard of reputation management services, but you delayed using this service because you are not sure whether or not you need it. You may feel confident about your company’s marketing strategy and feel that your brand is relatively strong. However, given the speed of the news cycles on