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Some Essential Tips To Make Your Website Responsive
3-08-2015, 20:24
Some essential tips that business owners should focus upon to send good first impression to the users. There are few things business sites have to do in order to have a strong impact on both users and Google. Follow these tips and your website will have quality traffic....
Twitter and Business: The Perfect Pair
31-07-2015, 10:26
Businesses around the world use Twitter as a way to drive sales and connect with customers. Businesses use Twitter to learn about their customers and their interests, provide customer service, connect with experts and drive brand awareness....
Why Your Security Policy Shouldn't Make Life Hard for Your Users
14-07-2015, 14:36
When creating any kind of online service that requires users to log in, one of the things you are going to need is a security policy. You may choose to use third party add-ons or other software to manage this, or build it into your own site or app...
20+ Free Vector Mobile Icon Set
11-07-2015, 19:54
Useful 20+ Free Vector Mobile Icon Set Download. Free Vector Mobile Icons For Web Designers and Web Developers. We all Love to Get a Mobile Looking Designs on Our Websites, Packaged Graphic Products and Get a Lot of Inspiration From Them. A Beautiful Vector Art Graphic Paired with Great Mobile
The Importance of the Right Website Theme
17-06-2015, 23:10
What your website looks like tells the world a lot about your company or organisation - even if you’re a one person freelancer or writing a personal blog. Of course, your website designer (if you have one) is responsible for creating the look of your site as per your wishes and instructions, but if
Engage Customers With a Dynamic Blog or Website
26-05-2015, 11:31
When companies fail to have compelling websites, consumers these days are quick to dismiss. There are three things you have to consider in order to keep customers engaged and have a relevant and dynamic site. The first is the importance of having a design that is easy to use and attractive to
Contracting to Get Your First Step on The Career Ladder
8-05-2015, 15:20
Like many recent college graduates, you are probably busy searching for a new job in your chosen field. Even in the best of economic circumstances, securing a permanent position in many fields can be tough...
15+ Grunge Carpet Textures
8-05-2015, 14:54
Awesome 15+ Grunge Carpet Textures Free Download. This Pack Includes More Than 15 Free Textures That you Can Use On your Web Design Graphics, Website Design or To Create a Nice Website Backgrounds, Paterns and Brushes...
Four Ways That Good Quality Images Can Benefit Your Website
4-05-2015, 15:15
They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and nowhere is that more true than on the web. In today’s fast-paced world, most users tend to skim through website content and scan for what they need....
Private Domain Name Registration: The Benefits
4-05-2015, 14:55
Under standard procedure, professional web hosting providers are required to collect the contact information of anyone who registers a new domain with them, including the customer’s name...
The Top 12 Elements of a Successful Website
10-01-2015, 13:44
Based on over 8 years’ experience as a Sydney web design company Magicdust has come up with the 10 key factors for a successful website. These elements are not really in order of importance as they are all valuable in their own right. Executed in unison, these 12 elements form the puzzle for a
Online Marketplaces Where You Can Sell Your Graphics
2-01-2015, 17:15
Are you a graphic designer eager for work? Maybe you have some simple pre-made designs you want to put on the market for businesses and individuals alike, whether it’s classy alternatives to clipart, seasonal stationery or even your own personal "stock” logo options, you can’t make a sale without a