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6 Mistakes Any Graphic Designer Should Avoid Making
11-11-2020, 12:12
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Having a career in graphic design can be a truly thrilling path to choose in life. There’s all the flexibility, the possibility of a great income, the freedom of creativity and imagination, the constant professional expansion. However as with any career, even graphic design presents some pitfalls
What To Choose: An Application, A Mobile Version Of The Site, Or A Responsive Design?
26-08-2020, 23:53
The number of mobile device users in the world is growing and, according to forecasts, by 2020, 6.1 billion people or 70% of the world's population will be smartphone users. This fact means that no matter what area your company operates in, it's time to start thinking about how to get closer to
Top 5 tips when choosing a web design company in 2020
18-03-2020, 12:07
Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have seen countless technological changes that have changed the way in which society operates as a whole. The internet in particular has entirely changed the face of business, so much so, that your webpage is the face of your entire company. There are
15 Chrome Add-ons Every Dev Should Have
18-03-2020, 11:59
Developers today have a wide assortment of tools at their disposal. Whether it's creating content or taking screenshots for a website, add-ons to Chrome can be an incredible boon. Many of these can save time, money and streamline the process of building everything from an eCommerce site to a basic
What Type of Pictures Should You Put on the Website of Your Construction Building?
18-02-2020, 21:52
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Prevent making use of standard supply pictures. Almost all building and construction companies' sites have stock images of an easily clothed building and construction employee with a huge smile on his face. Such pictures never contribute to the trustworthiness level. Sometimes, they also look
Five tips to make your website more secure
17-11-2019, 13:47
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Security is an critical element of any site so it’s important to ensure it’s 100% secure. Once you have purchased your web hosting account and set-up your new blog or website, then comes the challenge of making your website secure.....
What It Is Like to Be a Web Designer for a Dating Niche
2-09-2019, 12:05
Web designers are the people that have to combine creativity with technical prowess on a daily basis. These men and women are always working to implement new ideas, solve problems, and bring customers to their sites. Yet, the dating niche is one that is highly active and has to contend with the
Top 5 Tips To Become A Better Web Designer
24-06-2019, 12:52
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Without any doubt, this career path is exciting. Not only this job is extremely creative; it is also very demanded on the market nowadays. Thus, being a web designer can give a whole bunch of benefits from being able to remain self-employed and manage your own working hours to making a stable and
Lean Manufacturing and Proper Web Design: Boosting Production and Expanding in 2019
21-05-2019, 21:45
If a business isn’t trying to grow and improve its current position, it’s not going to make it in the long run; this is the simple yet cardinal rule of the industry, that holds true across all sectors of business and life itself...
Four Tips for Finding a Web Design Company in Sydney
4-12-2018, 15:00
Have you decided that it’s time to work with a web design company in Sydney? Here’s one piece of advice if that’s the case – don’t settle after you’ve received the first proposal that meets your needs....
Effective Ways to Use Color On Your Website to Draw Attention and Convey Your Message
2-12-2018, 15:31
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Building a website is very similar to putting together a puzzle. It’s just a lot harder and involves a lot more than just an image. When you build a website, you’re actually the one designing the puzzle pieces all the while trying to figure out what the puzzle or site is going to look like in the
5 Crucial Ways to Enhance Your Website’s Design
17-09-2018, 13:01
It takes a whole lot of effort to create and at the same time manage your own website. You have to learn a lot of things and familiarize yourself with some technical concepts in order to keep your site functional,well-designed, and optimized. This might be overwhelming for all first-timers, but