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10 Tips for Stimulating Creativity in Web Design
29-08-2016, 16:02
Creativity isn’t always easy to come by, especially when you’re trying to think of the perfect website design. Did you know that the creativity center of the brain is like a muscle? If you don’t exercise it regularly, it can atrophy, resulting in lost ingenuity...
Exclusive SEO news for the year 2016
13-08-2016, 17:14
People, nowadays, are investing great deal of money in SEO content. SEO is an ever increasing trend as it has enabled companies to get potential customers much faster than other offline modes of advertising. Every year some additions are made to the whole SEO framework and it is important that
3 Best Website Plugins For Displaying Photo Collections
10-08-2016, 00:16
Collectors are passionate people. They pour their energy into finding, organizing, and caring for rare or unusual items. But for all this effort, one of the greatest challenges that collectors face is displaying their collections, as many of these treasured objects are fragile....
Some of the best responsive website templates – HTML5 templates for 2016
8-08-2016, 15:01
HTML5 is the current mark-up language with which you can create a website and it is a trending language which is easily supported by all browsers which makes it browser-compatible. Due to the growing popularity of the HTML5 language, their templates are becoming extremely popular.
Print versus digital, which is winning the battle ?
26-07-2016, 10:38
For many years experts have been predicting the death of printed publications; that has not quite been the case. There certainly has been a decline in certain areas of the printing industry, and many people do choose to read their newspapers and magazines online, but print is still very much alive.
The 12 Best WordPress Themes for a Real Estate Websites
21-07-2016, 20:04
Running a real estate business is a lot of work. It can take some time to see profits. But when you have a great website, the process becomes much easier and faster. Your website can attract buyers and sellers alike, which will boost your business and sell properties more quickly. As you develop
How Web Design Will Change by 2020
13-07-2016, 18:19
Trends in web design are always coming and going. Take a look at any site from 1996 and compare it to a website from today, and you’ll be stunned at how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to the exponential development of increasingly powerful and inexpensive technologies,
3D is trending in website templates: understanding the impact of 3D on the internet
20-06-2016, 14:05
Since the invention of 3 dimensional artwork, there has been some level of integration into media, advertisements, and business. It makes sense that as the technologies and the advances in 3D have continued to develop and the industry has recently seen a tremendous boom in the attention of 3D
Principles of a Powerful Landing Page
14-06-2016, 13:07
Landing page is a good idea for those, who want to make an emphasis on a particular service or product. Being an integral part of the main website, LP should have no complicated navigation. It is usually designed to guide its visitors toward required conversional goal...
Are Video Backgrounds Right For Your Site?
7-06-2016, 21:28
Great website design isn't always straightforward; a lot like most elements of computing. For example, almost everyone has antivirus software installed to protect them from hackers; but relatively few people daily clear their temp files and cache to reduce their risk of severe hacks....
How a foreign business can showcase its services through its webpage
6-06-2016, 14:59
When a business operates in its own country, it already has a sense of what is expected and required of a website that appeals to its native users. But how does a business effectively communicate and showcase what it does when beginning to operate in foreign climes? The answer is, of course,
Top 5 Tools for Building Wiki Websites and Projects
23-05-2016, 13:34
There probably aren’t many Internet users around who haven’t at least heard of Wikipedia the open encyclopedia of everything that can be contributed to by anyone who choses to do so. What many probably aren’t aware of however, is that the Wiki software which drives the ‘net’s most popular