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» » Effective Ways to Use Color On Your Website to Draw Attention and Convey Your Message

Effective Ways to Use Color On Your Website to Draw Attention and Convey Your Message

4-04-2016, 16:56

Effective Ways to Use Color On Your Website to Draw Attention and Convey Your Message

Building a website is very similar to putting together a puzzle. It’s just a lot harder and involves a lot more than just an image. When you build a website, you’re actually the one designing the puzzle pieces all the while trying to figure out what the puzzle or site is going to look like in the end. It’s a fun process, but it’s one that can cause a bit of frustration at the same time.

When building your own website, you’ll want to do a lot of your own research to establish for yourself what kind of features you want to include. For every website, there are always the basics. You’ll need an easy to remember web address, a clear description of why you’re in operation, an easy way to navigate your site, and among other things, a call to action.

Once you have determined how you’re going to present the different building blocks of your site, you can then move onto other, more fun and strategic things, like the use of color on your website. Color is crucial. Why? It draws attention, and that’s all you’re asking for. Here are effective ways to use color on your website to obtain your goal of drawing attention and conveying your message.

Color Code Words to Emphasize

On a website there are many words. You are going to have certain words that you want to stand out from others in order for business to be able to transpire. Oftentimes this is going to be represented either in the name of a product, a key word or sentence, a tab, or the price of a certain product.

For the customer, they’re going to want to see the price right off the bat. Trugolf has a great example for using color to highlight the price of their product. They also use the same color to highlight the tab the user is currently on. This separating of information is crucial in the formatting of a website to draw attention, convey a message, and get business done.

Use Color to Present a Mood

Colors are special because they’re semiotic. That means that they can be used to represent many different things. Have you ever heard anybody describe a room as warm or cold in relation to the color palette? That’s iconicity. Red and orange are warm, while blue and green are often cold.

After that, there is indexicality. This is the assocation somebody makes by linking a color to a product. If meat is bright red, it’s rare. If it’s brown on the outside and a cool red in the middle, it’s medium. If it’s brown all the way through, it’s well done.

Color is multifaceted in its meaning. If you want your site to come off warm and inviting, make sure the color palette is on the warmer spectrum. If you want your site to be refreshing and clean feeling, use the cooler spectrum.

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