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» » When You’re Passionate About Your Content, You Won’t Run Out Of Ideas

When You’re Passionate About Your Content, You Won’t Run Out Of Ideas

10-07-2023, 15:35

Every blogger’s nightmare is running out of ideas for content, especially when you’ve got an existing fan base expecting articles at regular intervals. It’s important to keep up with your readers’ expectations, but you may reach a point where your flood of ideas seems to be drying up.

The good news is it’s relatively easy to get that stream of ideas flowing again.

When You’re Passionate About Your Content, You Won’t Run Out Of Ideas

Don’t stare at a blank screen


Staring at a blank piece of paper – or a blank Microsoft Word document – won’t help you formulate ideas for website content. Staring at a blank screen will only reflect back to you exactly how stuck you think you are. Coming up with ideas requires you to be in a different space – one that supports creativity and eliminates stress. You can reach this space by firing up your passion for your subject.

Just start writing and you’ll rediscover your passion


As one Stanford blogger realized, writing is a process, not a product. Thinking of writing as a product creates obstacles for even the most seasoned writer. Rather than perfecting every word or sentence, it makes more sense to focus on strengthening the ability to write.


Forget about perfection and just start writing. Tell yourself you don’t have to publish anything you write, and think of it as a brainstorming session. Write everything you think, feel, and know about your subject to get that fiery passion burning. When you can’t think of anything more to say, read what you’ve written and look for points that would make interesting articles.


Go beyond information and give practical advice


Maybe you started out writing informative content, and you’ve reached the end of your knowledge. Information is good, but people want to know what they can do to achieve what you’re describing. For instance, an article about how great it is to be financially free will gain agreement from readers in the moment, but when they finish reading and go back to their lives, they won’t be any better off.

When you’re passionate about your niche, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving out practical advice. Your passion will support a natural inclination to instruct others and share your wisdom. Wisdom is a form of practical advice, and is applicable to a variety of business types. For example:


· The Crochet Crowd focuses on tutorials for all skill levels, provides help for difficult and tedious patterns, and has a dedicated YouTube channel. This collection of wisdom helps crocheters get their holiday gifts completed on time, and keeps them from going in circles.


· Green Residential focuses on subjects relevant to landlords like setting expectations for tenants, how to handle legal situations, and tips for improving a property’s value. This resource helps landlords keep their investments profitable and in good repair.


· Roto-Rooter focuses on practical tips to unclog a drain, how to use basic tools like a plunger, and routine maintenance to prevent major damage. This content helps people save money on emergency calls, and prolongs the life of their pipes.


All of the examples above have been crafted by businesses who love their niche, and as a result, their content is more than informative – it’s practical.


Ideas for generating ideas


Next time you get stuck trying to formulate ideas for content, try these processes:

Research related and opposing viewpoints until you thoroughly understand them. Craft content that addresses each of these viewpoints objectively. Consider it an in-depth investigation to find the truth. Present all sides of the issue, and don’t be afraid to take a stand at the end.


Ask other people what’s important to them about your subject matter. What information is your website missing from their perspective? What objections do they have to your content? What would they add? How would they address certain subjects differently?


Read articles and books on your subject from every author you can find. Go to your local library or bookstore, and buy copies of books that make great references. Gather a wider perspective of what others experience in your niche and jot down ideas as they come.


Meditate to put yourself in the space where ideas can flow freely. Clear your mind and fall asleep thinking about your niche, and you’ll be more likely to wake up some of the best ideas you’ve ever had.

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