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» » Airbnb Management Software: benefits of using for business owners

Airbnb Management Software: benefits of using for business owners

23-12-2020, 11:51

Being an Airbnb host is not only handing the keys to your guests and taking cash in turn. Running a short-term vacation rental property is a serious business that requires responsibility, dedication, time, and endeavors to be profitable and sustainable.

Airbnb Management Software: benefits of using for business owners

The path to success in your Airbnb venture lies through effective property management. The better you manage your rental property the better guest experience you provide, the more bookings you ultimately have.

Here are the pillars of a brilliant property management strategy on Airbnb:

  • Providing a positive guest experience: never keeping your inquirers to wait for a response, being able to accept last-minute bookings, dealing with client reviews, and much more above.
  • Setting adequate rates: adjusting your prices according to seasonality, demand, and other factors.
  • Arranging timely cleaning and upkeep.
  • Optimizing the position of your listing in Airbnb search results.
  • Staying law- and tax-compliant with your local regulations.

As you see, being an Airbnb entrepreneur is quite an ordeal given the number of responsibilities to devote your precious time and effort to. And if you have multiple properties to lease out, the management process gets way more challenging. This is where Airbnb management software steps into the breach.

What is Airbnb management software?

Essentially, it is a powerful computer program that automates all or nearly all of your repetitive Airbnb tasks, including guest communication, reservation management, calendar synchronization, payment processing, price adjustment to name just a few out of numerous features of advanced Airbnb management software.
A brilliant example of such software is Hosty, a mighty tool that can streamline routine, time-consuming, error-prone procedures of administering an Airbnb property. Such a solution turns hosting into a breeze, saving you from a headache to control everything by yourself, optimizing slow, ineffective operations, and reducing overhead costs, which ultimately translates into more deals and higher profits on Airbnb.

Critical features of Airbnb management software

Short-stay rental management software integrates with your publication on Airbnb (or any other similar platform), so you can view and operate all your listings and activities related to these listings through a single dashboard. While not all the products are created equal, essential features of robust Airbnb management software include:

Streamlined guest communication
It is, perhaps, the sweetest perk behind this tool. Not only automated messaging saves you tons of time and boosts your response rate (a critical parameter for better placement in Airbnb search results), but it also makes sure your prospects get a response at any time of the day, even when you are offline.

Task management
One of the best things about using advanced Airbnb property software like is that it automatically allocates tasks to your cleaners and maintainers once your guests check out. The program sends reminders to your cleaning staff, so they know when they need to come to spruce up the rooms for the next booking, and you even do not need to reach to your team to allot tasks. Huge time-savings.

Guest reviews management
When you start experiencing a consistent influx of clients, the volume of work to do also significantly increases, and you may find yourself having neither time nor desire to struggle with guest reviews. This especially makes sense when you are managing multiple properties on different sites. Fortunately, decent management software can put this process on auto-pilot through smart integration with Airbnb’s platform and a system of customizable review templates to be posted at the specified time after a booking.

Team management
Good rental management software allows you to delegate any job to any member of your team, quickly, effectively, and automatically. From check-out cleaning to monthly scheduled upkeep and hurry-up repairs, tasks are assigned to your team without your intervention.

Unified Inbox
An adequate property management program creates a centralized inbox for all your listings across all platforms to keep your guest correspondence in one place. It saves you from trouble to be simultaneously logged into multiple accounts while allowing you to see and manage all your listings in one intuitive dashboard.

Up-to-date calendar
Another nifty feature behind smart Airbnb management software is a unified calendar that gives you a real-time picture of all your bookings across all platforms. Such a function also prevents double and triple reservations: when your lodging is booked through Airbnb, it becomes unavailable for reservation on the same dates on another site (for example, on VRBO). No confusion and client frustration.
These were just the most essential features of Airbnb management software. However, serious players like Hosty suggest more comprehensive functionality to cover all your hosting needs. From payment processing, auto-pricing, and SEO optimization to financial reports, performance indicators, and compliance management, with the best tool at hand, you boost your managerial efficiency without sacrificing your personal time.

How to choose the right Airbnb management software?

Since the market abounds with all possible solutions to alleviate your Airbnb struggles, picking the right software to work best exactly for your business may be quite difficult. To facilitate your choice, there a few handy tips on how to select the best vacation rental management software.
First, think of your Airbnb business. Which operations are the most time- and effort-eating? Are there any bottlenecks in your management? What processes would you like to optimize? When you know the answers to these questions, you will know what needs to be done to boost your efficiency.
Now when you acknowledge the main needs in your business, you may concoct a shortlist of features that the software shall provide you with. Now examine the market and pick up the products that meet your needs and budget. Take advantage of a free trial session to make sure the selected product fits your exquisite requirements and really helps to automate your mundane business operations.
There is no need to do everything by yourself and waste your valuable time on coping with repetitive, day-to-day procedures when you can entrust artificial intelligence to do that menial job for you at a fraction of the price. Just take a little time to find the best software for your needs and enjoy reduced labor costs, increased managerial efficiency, improved Airbnb ranking, and, what is most important, more money from happy guests!шаблоны для dle 11.2

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