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» » How to Attain Guest Writers for Your Site

How to Attain Guest Writers for Your Site

8-02-2017, 16:21

You may be out there stranded just because you don’t know where to begin your search for the right guest bloggers. Well, before moving a step, it is important to note that while guest blogging may be rewarding, the whole practice has its own drawbacks. However, the most encouraging thing about guest blogging is that the disadvantages are minimal as compared to the benefits.

How to Attain Guest Writers for Your Site

Quite a great number of bloggers accept guest posting on their blogs attributing to the benefits that come with it. Considering the free backlinks, subscribers and traffic guest posters receive, you can rest assured that guest posting is beneficial. You can always find great insights regarding guest blogging here The following are tips to help you find the most appropriate guest bloggers for your site or blog.

Establish a community

Definitely, you do not wish to contribute to a blog that lacks an active community. What do we refer to when we say an active community? Well, this involves a blog with high quality posts, active comments, and active participation. You may have a blog with traffic but without a community, chances are that your blog won’t be appealing for guest posting. Thus, the first and foremost thing you should do is to establish an active community. Get started by commenting on your competitors’ blogs, regard each and every of your blogs reader with respect.

Add a link in your article body or conclusion

As a guest blogger you are definitely looking forward to attaining backlinks from high authority sites and traffic. The fact that many guest blogs consist of only the author bio box, they sometime go unnoticed. Adding a link with your name at the end of the article and letting your readers know that they can contribute to your blog too can be a great idea.
This is a great way of offering link love to your guest poster. In this case, those blogs that offer only an author bio box to display a guest writer are considered ineffective since those reading the posts through RSS are unlikely to find your guest authors’ blogs.

Generate a landing page with guidelines for guest posting

Your landing page should indicate that you do accept guest posting. This page is relevant in the sense that it will not only be a landing page, but it will include the required info such as how to register, how to get started as a guest poster and what they stand to gain by guest posting on your blog. Facilitate this by using an automated system.

Correlate with your guest authors

Whenever you turn down a guest post, don’t just throw it away. The best thing to do in case of such is writing to inform the author the reasons behind your rejecting it and what should be done to improve it. By so doing, you will not only be encouraging the blogger, but also assisting the writer. You can also follow your guest writers on social media while offering them support and giving them the audience they badly need.

Show love to your guest writers

It is good to show your guest posters that you love them and what they are doing for you. This could be in terms of exposure, traffic, promoting their brands and the like. Besides including a link, adding a Gravatar at the top could also aid in showcasing the author’s brand and hence, exposure. Link love is very important to guest writers and therefore it must never be conserved.


Go for high quality posts only


Once you accept guest posting, chances are that many people will be willing to guest post on your blog. While they will be looking for more backlinks, they could also submitting low-rated posts. Don’t forget that this is your career and it can be disastrous trying to mix it with personal relationships. Do not – at any cost – allow low-quality posts regardless of their authors.

Bottom line: While guest blogging is a great and rewarding practice, it must be done it the right manner. It doesn’t matter your niche, if you do it right and fall the guidelines as highlighted here, you can rest assured that your endeavors are going to bear fruits in the long run

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