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» » How to Design a Beautiful Landing Page for Your Website

How to Design a Beautiful Landing Page for Your Website

12-11-2023, 15:20
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Landing pages have the potential to turn random visitors of your website into paying customers or clients. Directing your marketing efforts to a solid landing page is one of the best things you can do for your business. There are several landing page builders, templates, and tools out there to help you design the perfect landing page for your website. Follow these tips to create a beautiful landing page that will convert web traffic to regular clients for your business.

How to Design a Beautiful Landing Page for Your Website

Creating Landing Page Design Templates

You have two main options when it comes creating your landing page's design template. You can start from scratch using design applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch; or you can use a pre-built template to give your landing page creation project a head start. For those needing a creative boost, consider browsing some stunning landing page templates like the responsive NecTech template, or the bootstrap-basedCreativelanding page template.

To create your own landing page design template from scratch, simply choose your favorite design application. Adobe Photoshop is a great choice for newer and moderate web and graphic designers. Start a new canvas with the dimensions of your desired landing page website. 1600 x 900 is a great canvas size for most landing pages. Next, fill the background color in with a light, muted, or pastel tone that compliments your website. Darker or brighter colors can occasionally make great backgrounds for certain landing pages, depending on the niche and mood of your content. Add a border or beveled edge to your background to help seal in and frame your landing page and let users know it's a one-page system. In Photoshop, the bordering and bevel options are found in the filter drop-down menu.

Creating Landing Page Graphics and Illustrations

Now that you've got the canvas and background of your landing page designed, it's time to beautify it with some well-placed graphics or illustrations. One-color shadow type illustrations look great on the bottom border of most landing pages, for example, consider a tree or nature themed illustration, or capacities and whimsical illustrations where appropriate. These mid-ground illustrations should be placed on a new layer and overlaid to suit the background in placement and color. Photoshop and Illustrator users can simply press Shift+Ctrl+N to create a new layer. Either paste in your vector illustrations from the web, or draw your own using a sharp, well-defined brush. Vector images for landing pages can be found at sites like Vecteezy and Freepik. Choose or create a simple mid-ground illustration or graphic so that it doesn't distract users and draw attention away from your foreground content.

Landing Page Typography and Menus
Everything about your landing page should be focused on convincing your users to take a specific action. This is often the purchase of an item or subscription to a newsletter or service. Typography, menus and navigation buttons on your landing page should therefore be simplistic and not draw focus away from your content. Cursive typography looks great on landing pages, especially in titles and areas where text is limited to just a few words. Consider downloading some enhanced fonts, such as Google Fonts, that will display well on any browser. Avoid overly embellished fonts for texts of more than a sentence or two. Use the typography on your landing page to further show your visitors the tone, mood, and culture of your business.

Menus and navigation buttons should be limited to what's absolutely necessary for your landing page to function and for visitors to access your main website. Choose colors for your page's buttons that differ from, but match your background color. Use image splicing or new layers to install the buttons in Photoshop or Illustrator, or simply create your buttons and navigation system using an online generator like CSSMenuMaker. This online tool will create a navigation system for any WordPress or HTML site. If you do have WordPress hosting, you may also want to look at plugin navigation options like the Multi-Level Navigation PluginorWordPress Menu Vertical.

Call to Action
Now that you've designed a beautiful landing page design template for your website using colors, illustrations and typography that compliment your business's culture and color schemes, it's time to install an effective call to action button. Call to action buttons are the last step in the conversion process of turning visitors into clients. Whatever action you need your visitors to perform, be it entering an email address or proceeding to a checkout page, should be available and prominent on your landing page. Consider using a floating pop-up box with text fields that appears when visitors have spent a certain amount of time on your site, or attempt to leave your website. If you have WordPress hosting then this will be an easy task, as you can simply create and install a Call to Action Box in just a few clicks.

The landing page you've created through this process can be uploaded to any CMS or web hosting server, so long as they allow HTML, CSS and custom image uploads. To make things easier for yourself, consider starting with a WordPress landing page design template and customizing or decorating it with vector images and upgraded font packs. To take your landing page to the next level, consider embedding video to motion graphics with a sales pitch or informative sketch. Embedding video on your landing page can also be simplified with plugins and easy-embed links from YouTube and other video hosts. Lastly, consider installing Google Analytics or another performance measuring toolkit to make sure your new landing page is getting the conversion results you desire.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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