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» » Tips to Increase Conversion Rates through Effective Web Designing

Tips to Increase Conversion Rates through Effective Web Designing

30-12-2015, 18:33

Increase Conversion Rates through Effective Web Designing

Increasing conversion rates is the goal of most businesses online in order to increase their profits. Some businesses fail to notice the issues with their web designing, however, which could be the cause of low conversion rates on their website. For that purpose, the first thing to do, to enhance the conversion rates, is to improve your website. Your web design has the power to escalate your sales by getting you more clients. You can use the following important guidelines to amplify your conversion rates through your web design.


If you want to boost your conversion rate, then add call-to actions, because they are a major part of your website. All the content you add on your page is present to bring the users’ attention to this part of the text. You cannot use it like other information on your website.

Your viewers should know exactly what you are trying to tell them, and what behavior they should indulge in. Options like squint tests are available through which you can check how unique and effective a call to action button is on your website. Alternatively, bold, italicize or enlarge call-to-actions to make them prominent within the text too.

Avoid Distracting Information

If your main focus is to make visitors buy your product, then any and all extra information that does not provide value to the visitor is simply going to distract them and take them away from the focus of the website.

Another thing you need to consider is that users on your website should be able carry out the buying process in lesser time and steps. This way, they will not get time to change their decision. Moreover, providing them with a lot of product options will end up confusing them, which will be a disadvantage for your business.

Convincing Landing Page

The landing page is often the first page that the user encounters, so make sure to it looks convincing. Your users should easily find the required information on the landing page, without going through thousands of links on the website. If they are not able to discover what they are looking for in the initial few seconds, there are higher chances of them leaving the website.

Information on the landing page should therefore, keep the visitor engaged, which will automatically reduce the bounce rate. You can also reduce the size of texts and graphics on the landing page such as; sidebars, menu, stock images, etc.

Avoid Asking Too Much Information

A lot of websites ask for information from the users, in order to keep their website interactive. Although it is a good approach to enhance customer services, it can repel your visitors too. No one likes giving away their personal information on the internet for security reasons. Moreover, people don’t like filling out long forms just to visit the page.

Therefore, avoid asking such questions which have no purpose. As long as the user does not agree to buy your product, information like; name, email, number, and address are inconsequential.

Businesses hire companies to increase their conversion rates. Such companies are also present in Belfast for web design, and you can benefit from them without fail. They use the right web designing principles that can give an immense boost to your business when it comes to sales.  

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