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» » 5 Simple Steps to Make Lamps Related Templates

5 Simple Steps to Make Lamps Related Templates

26-08-2020, 23:43
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In today’s competitive world on interior designing, the trend of designing cool website templates has also seen major shifts. Many sellers prefer to keep their websites simple yet catchy by adopting a mix and match of colors and typography. For a lamp related website, you need to make sure that your products appear more appealing than your website design. Due to this reason, template elements such as alignment of text, pictures, themes, typography and color schemes hold a core importance in the designing of website templates.

5 Simple Steps to Make Lamps Related Templates

If you are planning on designing a template for your lamps website, here are a few steps which can aid you in this regard:

  1. Search panel:

A search panel facilitates the customers who are in a bit of hurry. You can add a search panel above the navigation bar on the right side of the page. This will help the users to quickly navigate to your desired pages.

  1. Design Navigation bar:

After deciding what your online lamps shop has to offer to its customers, it is now time to display your services and products in a classy manner. A navigation bar is a helpful tool in this regard. While you are designing your website template, make sure to add a very concise yet all-inclusive navigation bar in it. This bar should have tabs including the types of your products, your offers, the services, previous experience and shop details. Users prefer to directly make use of these tabs instead of searching through the rest of the website. The drop-down tabs should show a categorical display of brands, services, and products to help the user in easier navigation. The navigation bar featured in is a perfect example of how a lamps website template should look like.

  1. Customization of typography:

Although in a products website, the need for textual content is lesser than a services website, the typography still holds an important place. Most of the products require textual information which will be displayed in their respective sub-pages on the website. In order to accommodate the information regarding your website, your services, and your experience, the use of suitable typography in the template is important. The typography should show the prices in a highlighted way and also highlight the discounts if any. Similarly, the text should be kept moderately spaced and as simple as possible to eliminate all the confusion in the understanding of products.

  1. Select a contrasting theme:

Unlike the service's website which requires a pompous theme in their website template, lamps website require a mix and match of dull and bright colors. A combination of bold and simple colors is the trick to efficiently displaying your products- all the while having your customer’s attention. The toolbars and text layouts should also be spaced in an orderly manner. The use of mirror elements is also effective.

  1. Use High-resolution pictures:

In a lamps website, you will have to display your pieces in order to give an idea of your products to the customers. To explain the product’s features, the use of high-resolution images is important. Your text is of no use unless you upload a catchy picture with it.

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