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» » Why You Should Use a Website Builder for Your Ecommerce Website

Why You Should Use a Website Builder for Your Ecommerce Website

28-08-2015, 12:00
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Why You Should Use a Website Builder for Your Ecommerce Website

It seems as though the 2000s are the era of the online store: everyone seems to have one, selling something or another. There's a store for almost every kind of product you can possibly conceive. But not all ecommerce sites and online stores are on the same level. You've likely had a situation within the last year where a checkout experience frustrated you, or you had difficulty finding a product you knew you wanted. The best online stores have stellar, low-click transactions, sensible inventory organization schemes, and dozens of small extras which make their website easier to navigate and to use successfully.

Many stores which don't have the most ideal layout or the easiest checkout experiences still draw in customers: but often just because they offer goods which can't be had at a local brick and mortar storefront, or because they offer those same goods so much cheaper. But luckily, it doesn't take an exhaustive knowledge of hosting variables, html, css, or javascript to set up a truly stellar online store.

And there are dozens of ecommerce website builders which help store owners build a fabulous online store in minutes, not hours, supplying everything from a secure shopping cart to shipping calculators. And that's just the beginning of the perks.

Hundreds of Templates and Customizations

Online website builders like and provide one major thing which helps cut down the time you spend building your website: free templates and themes. Often, you can search the broad category of your business (such as 'pet products' or 'hair salon') and see several templates designed specifically with your type of business in mind. These templates and themes include a whole site layout, pages to display a catalog of products, and secure check out pages.

But the best store builders take it a step further. They give you dozens of customization tools, which let you specify down to infinitesimal details what your product pages look like, determine what the checkout experience should feel like for consumers, and more. And these are options which are as easy as ticking a checkbox which could take a hired developer weeks.

Showcase Your Best Products

The failing of most online stores is that they don't showcase product to their full potential. But using a website builder, you can easily highlight any current promotions, coupons, or deals; showcase new items on the home page; some even offer 360 degree product angles.

Most website builders for ecommerce help support store owners by offering several home page plugins and customizations which help visitors and potential clients get directly to products, and offers easy ways to entice them to look deeper into your website. Because we all know: if your home page doesn't make a great impression within the first few seconds, people are likely to leave it.

Amazing Product Options

Without a website builder, it can be very difficult to achieve such things as showing similar products at the bottom of a product page, or to offer side by side product comparison. But such detailed product options are a mainstay of website builders who focus on ecommerce websites. And studies show that even such small additions to a website can help keep shoppers on your site longer… and therefore buying more products.

In essence, it gives you all of the coding power of a major retailer, and allows your shop to exhibit a lot of the same high-dollar features. Those same features might have cost you thousands if you'd been paying a developer to make them custom!

Shopping Cart Design

Design, layout, customizations, and products are all incredibly essential elements to an online store… but no element is more important than the shopping cart, which is arguably the most difficult to make work and the most sensitive, for security reasons. Stellar checkout design, breadth of payment options, and security are all absolutemust haves.

Most website builders offer free secure checkout, and allow you to select from a wide variety of payment options. They also let you decide if visitors should be logged in to be able to check out, whether or not someone's cart items will still be there if they leave the site and then return, and multiple other factors.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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