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» » Five Things to Look For In Shopping Cart Hosting Services

Five Things to Look For In Shopping Cart Hosting Services

17-03-2014, 10:13

As businesses migrate online to keep pace with customers and a global economy, shopping cart hosting services are a logical choice for safe and secure online transactions. These services offer real benefits and advantages for both businesses and customers. For customers, they offer convenient and secure checkouts to conclude their online shopping experience. For businesses, shopping cart hosting services take over the burden of providing hassle-free, quick checkouts.
Shopping cart hosting services are thus an essential element of your online business, right up there in importance with the domain name and website design. You should devote some time and thought into picking the shopping cart hosting service that's right for your business. An attractive design that integrates with your main website, ease of use, data security, global reach and customization are some of the considerations to look at when choosing the right hosting service for your online business.

Does It Offer Speed and 24/7 Accessibility?
A slow or unresponsive online checkout experience can discourage or turn away customers. A shopping cart hosting service should provide for transactions to be completed within seconds. The hosting service should be able to guarantee that the shopping cart is always live and available for transactions. Downtime for shopping cart checkouts can likewise lose customers. The goal for the shopping cart hosting service has to be the optimization of your customers' online shopping experience. The checkout plays a vital role in determining whether this experience will be a good or a bad one.

Does the Design and Operation Integrate With Your Website?
The shopping cart should integrate seamlessly with your website in terms of design and operation. Is the set up easy? Does the hosting service offer customization? Can you add or remove features to meet your needs? Does the shopping cart work well with all browsers and devices? These are all questions that you need to ask when you are comparing different hosting services for your sites shopping cart feature.
From the customers' point of view, feedback suggests that shopping cart design is as important as the overall website design and the products or services being offered. A shopping cart design that is attractive, intuitive and easy to use can have a positive impact on sales. The reverse is also true: an overcrowded, confusing or unresponsive shopping cart can translate into loss of customer trust and decreased sales.

Does the Service Offer Sufficient Bandwidth and Server Speed?
The amount of bandwidth offered by the shopping cart hosting service determines the number of transactions your site can handle, as well as the cost of each transaction. Better hosting services offer unlimited bandwidth to maximize your investment and your website's productivity. Server networks dedicated to maintaining eCommerce platforms can ensure that your site loads quickly.

Can Customers Use Global Currencies At Checkout?
Globalization and an increasing reliance on the internet are two irreversible trends in contemporary life. To keep up with and take advantage of these trends, worldwide shopping cart hosting offers services in different languages and currencies. As many as 50 different languages can be offered. Worldwide shopping cart hosting services that can calculate state and country taxes are an added advantage for international sales and shipping. Checkouts in different languages and currencies can help to vastly increase your customer base and international visibility.

And Last but not Least, Does the Hosting Service Offer Data Security?
Security is the Holy Grail of online marketing. Governments and organizations concerned with online data security have specified standards for eCommerce security. A good shopping cart hosting service should be able to meet and exceed these standards. The industry standard for online security, used by leading banks, is the 128-bit SSL certificate. Keeping customer data safe is the responsibility of the business owner, and it is a heavy responsibility. Stay Safe Online, a project of the National Cyber Safety Association devoted to promoting online safety, has some useful information for businesses seeking to preserve their customers' security. If you’re customers don’t feel that their information will remain secure when using your shopping cart to make purchases, they will simply purchase their products and services from another site, most likely your competitors. Bringing your company online is no longer an option if you want to stay competitive in today’s market. Giving your customers the ability to purchase your products and services from the comfort of their own home at any time of day can increase your profits. To make sure that your customers have the best experience, you have to make sure that you choose the right services that meet the unique needs of your business. When you provide the right services to your customers, there is no limit to the success that you can achieve.

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