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» » 10 of the Most Common Users Problems When Using Instagram

10 of the Most Common Users Problems When Using Instagram

19-10-2019, 13:58

One of the most common reasons why many marketers and users gave up on Instagram is because of annoying problems that come with using the platform. However, these problems are becoming less frequent in recent years as more updates and fixes are released. Nevertheless, there are still no guarantees that you won't experience a problem when using the platform.

10 of the Most Common Users Problems When Using Instagram

Instagram problems can make your bad day worse. There are times when users complained they are not allowed to post, like or comment on Instagram. In some cases, you will discover that you can't even log in to your account. Most of these problems can be frustrating especially if you are a busy business owner who wants to get a lot of tasks accomplished in your day.
Fortunately, there is a solution to almost every Instagram problem. Like we already stated above, most of these problems are less frequent nowadays. In fact, some problems are a result of inexperience in the part of the user. Whenever you are experiencing an Instagram problem, you don't need to abandon the platform or pay someone to fix it for you. You can fix most of these common problems yourself. In this article, you will learn of common Instagram problems and easy ways you can fix them. Keep on reading to find out more.

Top Instagram Problems and Easy Way To Fix Them

1. Can't Post On Instagram?
It is common to run into a situation where Instagram temporarily ban you from posting on the platform. This usually happens when you have been on a posting spree like posting, liking, and commenting too much. In this scenario, the Instagram anti-spam monitor will restrict you from these activities to protect the community.
If you are unable to post on Instagram, first ensure you have an active internet connection. If everything is alright with your connection, then try and login via a laptop or desktop computer. Make a few changes to your bio. This will fix the problem. Alternatively, you can wait for 24 hours to resume posting, liking, and commenting.

2. Instagram Tagging Problems
You may discover that the person you tagged on a photo is no longer tagged. Additionally, you may experience a problem tagging people to your photo.
What happened is that the person you tagged may have untagged himself. Also, note that tagging on Instagram is limited to just 30 persons.

3. Remove Fake and Dormant Followers
You need to clean up your Instagram account once in a while if you want to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of your Instagram account. You can do this by removing people who unfollowed you or people who aren't following you back. There are tons of software you can use for this task. A good example is Crowdfire. This app can help you clean your Instagram.

4. Can't Comment on Other Posts?
If you are finding it difficult to comment on people's posts, it may be that you are going against Instagram rules. Instagram has a lot of rules to avoid spam comments.
Ensure that your comment does not have more than 5 tags, more than 30 hashtags, and avoid posting the same comment on the post multiple times. Any of these actions above can lead to a temporary ban from commenting.

5. Can't log in on Instagram?
Instagram logging problems can be very frustrating. When you have this problem, you need to check your user details (username and password) multiple times to ensure they are correct. If your Instagram is connected to your Facebook, you can easily reset your Instagram password using Facebook. Additionally, ask Instagram to send you a password reset link to your email address or phone number connected to your account. You can do this by click on the "Forgot Password" option.

6. Can't Follow Any more People on Instagram?
You can only follow a maximum number of 7500 accounts on Instagram. Once you reach this maximum number, you won't be able to follow anyone again. If you want to follow more people, you will need to unfollow some of your current friends on the platform. We recommend you use an app to unfollow dormant accounts and make way for new accounts you want to follow.

7. Instagram Account Disabled?
For most people, it would be a nightmare to discover that your Instagram account has been disabled. However, you may still be able to recover your account. Instagram usually disable an account if you go against the community guideline such as impersonating someone else. Once your account is disabled, look for an option to appeal the punishment. In some cases, you will be able to recover the account. However, there is no guarantee you will recover it. Nevertheless, we encourage you to give it a try.

8. Instagram IGTV Problems
Instagram recently introduced IGTV which allows you to upload a long-form vertical 10-minutes video. If your Instagram has been verified, you can publish videos that are up to 60-minutes long. However, the problem with these videos is that the quality is too poor when viewed on a desktop. To solve this problem, log on to "", go to your profile, and choose the "IGTV" option. You can upload videos from your desktop that will be of high-quality when viewed on desktop or mobile.

9. Problem Switching Between Different Instagram Accounts
Before now, you will need to log out each time you want to switch to a different account and then log in to the second account. Fortunately, there is now a new fix to this problem. You don't need to log out again. When you log into your first account, check your profile, you will see a tiny arrow that is next to your name at the top. Clicking on this arrow will give you the option to add other accounts. You can always come here to switch between those accounts.

10. Problems With Playing Videos on Instagram
Are you experiencing a problem playing Instagram videos? This could be due to several factors such as poor internet connection, your power saving mode is turned on, the owner of the video deleted it from their account or your Instagram account is out of date. We recommend you restart your phone or download a recent version of the Instagram app. Alternatively, you can solve this problem by clearing the "Instagram Cache" on your phone. To do this, go to your phone settings, click on "Apps", then click on "Instagram", then on "Storage", and finally click on "Clear Cache". This simple hack will solve most of your Instagram problems as well.

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