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» » 5 Marketing and Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

5 Marketing and Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

10-10-2019, 09:17

Navigatingyour business marketing can often feel like a minefield, especiallywhen it comes to the best design methods for your business brandingand website. Below are 5 mistakes easily made during the process, andhow to avoid them.
5 Marketing and Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

  1. AnOverly-Busy Website Design
It’sunderstandable as a business to want to display all relevantinformation on your landing page so as not to risk a consumer leavingyour site within seconds of arriving there. Most consumers want aclear answer to their problem straight away when landing on yoursite, therefore it’s tempting to want to cram as much informationas possible. 
However,an overwhelming website design can often lead to a lack of clarityand poor representation, leaving your consumers confused. Not tomention that a busy website will take a long time to load. It’sbest to seek advice if you’re unsure how best to displayinformation in a clear fashion: professionalweb design in Staffordshire can help.
  1. Lackof Contact Information
Evenif your website has managed to be interesting enough for potentialcustomers to remain and browse through, you still risk losing them ifthey can’t find relevant contact information. Your website shouldhave a clearly-marked contact page, or contact information displayedclearly on your website header or footer. 
It’salso a good idea to provide as many contact options as possible, asthe preferred method of contact these days is usually through onlinemeans rather than telephone. A contact number, email address,physical address (if applicable) and social media profiles are goodplaces to start. A contact form is also a sensible idea.
  1. SpendingToo Much on New Customers
Alot of businesses spend the majority – if not all – of theirmarketing budget on attracting new customers and gaining new leads.Where finding new customers is, of course, relevant, investment isalso needed in maintaining current customers and buildingloyalty.You’re more likely to build a profit from maintaining existingcustomers than receiving orders from new customers, especially sincethey are still not guaranteed to place an order with you despite themoney and effort you’ve invested in getting them to land on yourwebsite.
  1. IgnoringYour Data
Optimizingyour online presenceand gaining all relevant data is a huge necessity, but being able toanalyze that data and act accordingly is just as important. Yet it’san area many businesses still fail at. Data is important in lettingyou know what’s working and what isn’t, and what is the mostsuccessful means of attracting new customers. Only by acting on thedata you receive can you properly optimize your business.
  1. Adsin the Wrong Places
You’regoing to have to implement ads in some form for your business, andyou want it to be as unobtrusive as possible while still being seen.Too many ads, or ads in annoying positions, will risk frustratingcustomers and make them want to leave your site. Always double checkyour ad placements and ensure any pop-ups can easily be closed if notwanted.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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