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» » Why Video Is Now Better Than Text Content In Blogging

Why Video Is Now Better Than Text Content In Blogging

10-10-2019, 07:56

Even though it’s been around for decades, video is now surpassing written words as the preferred type of content that is consumed on digital platforms. When and why did this happen? Text is extremely cheap, sometimes almost free. Why pay more money when you don’t need to? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why video has started surpassing written text.

Why Video Is Now Better Than Text Content In Blogging

  • Video can show off nonverbal communication - Unless you are reading a well-crafted story that describes the facial expressions of everyone in a room at the time of an event, you can’t see nonverbal clues. Video removes that mystery. Now you can hear the words and see the effect those words have on the other people in the room. That is so very powerful! Written words are a fantastic vehicle to deliver a message. But video just takes that to another level.
  • Video makes things easier to remember - Every person has a learning style that works best for them. Some do best with written word, others spoken word, others are visual learners. Regardless of your best learning style, all learners retain information delivered by video well. Video embraces all those learning styles and rolls it into one complete package. Video will have words on a screen, words that are spoken, as well as visual materials. Studies have shown that users remember around 95% of what they see on a video. If you want to be remembered, video is the way to go.
  • Video content gets more shares and likes on social media - The goal of any brand is to see your content spread. If videos are the best way to get that done, why wouldn’t you do that? Videos are easier for users to share with their friends, and sharing is how your content is going to spread. You have to produce video now to be relevant.
  • Videos trigger emotions - This is the biggest takeaway with video content. It’s not that written word can not evoke emotion, but video gets a much stronger reaction. It could be that video brings together multiple learning styles. A user gets to both see and hear stimuli, and it brings about a stronger reaction. This is why so many companies and individuals use videos for their call-to-action campaigns. When a call-to-action is placed in a video, studies show it gets 380% more clicks than a standard written call-to-action button.
  • Creating video is available to most everyone - Don’t think that you need a fancy video camera to create and edit high-quality video. That isn’t the case anymore. You already own a high-quality video camera; it’s called your smartphone. All smartphones are equipped with reasonably prolific cameras so you can shoot your own video. And don’t stress about the editing process. Those same smartphones, regardless of if they are Android or iPhone, have an app store chock full of video editing apps. You can shoot, edit, and upload your videos without needing sophisticated equipment or trained videographers. There is no reason not to shoot and produce your own videos since it is such an affordable option. You don’t even have to worry about hosting services; just load your videos directly to YouTube, and their servers handle all that.

Video is growing by the minute as a percentage of what we consume. Already 55% of people watch at least one video online each day. That number will just keep growing. If you aren’t getting on board, you are getting left behind. Don’t let that happen to you! Stay relevant and start posting video content.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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