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» » Simple tips for improving your domain authority

Simple tips for improving your domain authority

14-06-2019, 23:54

Simple tips for improving your domain authority

In the world of online marketing and search engine optimisation, the term domain authority is something that is heard quite a lot? It sounds very fancy, but what exactly is it? In short, it is a measurement that describes a websites relevance to a specific subject field or area. In other words, if we use the news as an example, a large and well-established website like the BBC or Sydney Morning Herald that offers comprehensive, quality news and insights, would have a higher domain authority than a small blog or aggregation site. Building that domain authority is important in order to higher rankings on search engines and to be seen as more credible with media buys and link purchase partners. Here are some tips to help you up that score.

Be mobile friendly

Because so much web traffic is now via mobile phones all the digital marketing companies out there will tell you that your site must be optimised for mobile. In fact, the common advice now is that they should be mobile first and then tweaked and tailored for desktop. Mobile penetration in most developed countries is close to or over 100 percent and almost everyone will access the internet on their phone at some point. Part of domain authority rankings measures what the user experience is like when using your site. And if your site is accessed via mobile, but it doesn’t render for the platform it doesn’t make for a very good experience.

Remove bad links

Links on any site are important, and Google certainly likes it when sites refer to each other. But dead links are bad (sometimes they are even described as toxic) and they need to be culled. If you are in the habit of placing links onto your site, go through it from time-to-time and audit what is there. If links are broken or they lead to dead pages, then remove them – you are damaging your domain authority by having them there.

Make your content shareable

Content that is shared is helping you win, so make sure that every story and page has all the relevant links to social media platforms. RSS links are also options. Anything that helps get your site out into the world and which will link people back to your platform is good. Part of this strategy depends on having the right share links, but the other part is about having the right content. If necessary, look to run a promotion where people are rewarded with something if they share your content.

Domain names and URL structure

It goes without saying that some domains are more powerful than others. A is always going to do better than a So, think carefully when setting up your site and pick something that is going to work. Also, make sure that the URL structures on the site are sensible and good for indexing. A series of numbers and cryptic codes do not work. Let the URL of each page state quite clearly what is there. That helps indexing which in turn drives up your domain authority.шаблоны для dle 11.2

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