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» » When it Comes to Internet Marketing, Fresh is Best

When it Comes to Internet Marketing, Fresh is Best

1-09-2015, 12:25
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How to Keep Your Internet Marketing Strategy Fresh and Relevant

Staying on top of marketing trends can be a time consuming activity, particularly for small businesses that have limited marketing budgets. To get the best return on investment, however, it’s vital that your company keep tabs on the rapidly changing nature of internet marketing. Here are some fresh marketing methods that can help your business build connections and engage customers.

The Infographic Era

Infographics aren’t new, but they are an especially current marketing tool. Part of what makes infographics so powerful is that they cater to the ever shortening attention span of consumers today. Not only that, but infographics are also great at cutting down on the proliferating text content on the web. Rather than putting information into long articles, see if you can cut it down to concise points suitable to the infographic form.

Infographics are also valuable because they combine marketing forms by using text and graphic appeal in one complete concept. The graphic design portion of the infographic lends visual interest to the textual content, increasing the popular appeal of the overall piece.

Combine The Material And The Digital

One mistake that companies sometimes make when assessing their internet marketing strategy is limiting it to digital content. No, if you really want to create a marketing strategy that will pop, one of the best things your company can do is to combine innovative ideas from the real world with a digital campaign. As this blog post from Park West Gallery shows, cars decorated by skilled artists will cause a buzz on the streets, but they can also cause a buzz on the web.

Try combining an idea manifested in the material world with an Instagram campaign. The cars from Park West Gallery offer many possible presentations in photo form and could even be paired with a unique hashtag. By combining the material and the digital, your company can get twice the impact out of its marketing strategy.

Get Personal

Because customers are bombarded with so many advertisements on any given day, they can get overwhelmed and cease to be receptive to these strategies. This is why a campaign that plays into a personal relationship can be very beneficial to your internet marketing strategy.

Coca-Cola nailed this strategy with their recent "Have A Coke With…” campaign. Not everyone’s name is represented there, of course, but the inspiration is powerful. What can your company do to draw customers closer to your company? Customers that feel like they have a personal relationship with a business are more likely to be loyal.

Fill A Need But Do More Than That

Content without a purpose is quite simply a waste of time. So while it may seem like more publicity is better publicity, it is far better tocreate content around a customer need than for the sake of getting your name out there. This is not to say that the content needs to only fill a need and go no further, but that content should have some value to its end recipient.

One way to amplify the effect of need-based marketing is by combining it with storytelling. Storytelling is an intimate practice and also one that can provide information and solutions. Make it all work together for the greatest marketing impact.

Keep Up With Social Media

With so many social media platforms at play, it can be hard to keep up with current trends in social media. In part, this is because trying to focus on every social media platform is a waste of time. Rather, to really make the most of your social media campaigns your company will need to understand who uses what platform.

Back when Facebook was used exclusively by college students, it would have made little sense to use the site to market to middle aged women. On the other hand, with its current user base, that now makes perfect sense.

Pay attention to the demographics of social media users and target those sites that are best suited to your client base. Involved in the wedding industry? Try marketing on Pinterest, a popular site for wedding planning ideas. Similarly, if your focus is on teenagers, you’ll need to change your strategy more frequently, as teens have a lower loyalty rate and are more likely to adopt new platforms as they’re released.

Go Viral

When we think about internet marketing, we tend to get stuck on ideas that take place fully online. After all, why invest in a local campaign for a national or global business? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to make things happen off the web. Creative installations, 3-D chalk drawings, employee flash mobs, and other place-based marketing ploys can go viral if they’re creative enough. And a viral campaign will reach further than any other marketing strategy, place based or not.

No matter what your business does, it’s important to keep your internet marketing strategy fresh. Don’t get left in the dust with your old marketing strategies. Now is the time to adapt and evolve. That’s how businesses succeed.
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