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» » Positioning the Computer Monitor Properly for More Comfortable Design Work

Positioning the Computer Monitor Properly for More Comfortable Design Work

12-11-2023, 15:20

A properly positioned computer monitor can make all the difference when working at your desk and here are some tips to ensure it.

Positioning the Computer Monitor Properly for More Comfortable Design Work

Checklist to Ensure Proper Computer Monitor Positioning

1. The monitor should be placed in an area that would limit screen glare.

Not only will the glare from reflected light cause you to strain your eyes, it will also likely put you in an awkward position when you are trying to read the screen.

2. The proper angle of the monitor and putting it away from task lights and windows will help.

Any bright light or glarebehind the screen can lead to an uncomfortable experience while viewing the computer, along with eyestrain. If it isn't possible to change the angle of the monitor to compensate, the window blinds could be closed or lights could be turned off. This is beneficial when you are dealing with bright lights behind the screen.

3. The monitor should be directly in front of the user

When the computer monitor is in front of the user, twisting of the neck and head to see the screen properly are minimized.

4. The top of the screen should be at or just below the eye level.

According to the experts at Design Bundles, the eyes should be in line with a point approximately 2 or 3 inches below the top computer monitor casing (not the top of the screen). This position should be when the user is seated in a comfortable position, at a slight recline of around 100 degrees. The right are should be held out horizontally and, with an outstretched arm, your middle finger should be just short of touching the screen. Minor changes can then be made to the screen height and angle from that seated position. According to research, optimal viewing is experienced when the monitor center is between 17 and 18 degrees below a flat horizontal line. In other words, this is when you extend your arm straight forward and point at the computer. In doing so, your field of view will be more down toward the floor. It is at this position that the user would experience the greatest comfort and see most of the screen. When the position of the monitor is too low, the neck may experience problems because the user would tend to strain forward. When the monitor is higher, neck and shoulder pain might occur because of an unnatural tilt of the neck.

5. The monitor should be at arms length as a minimum distance.

When the monitor is positioned properly and at the right distance, you will not have to twist and turn your neck and head to view all of it.

6. You should be able to read the screen clearly without bending the neck either backward or forward.

A theme has emerged from this discussion. Place your monitor to your comfort and to avoid unnatural postures. When you place your monitor properly, your health will benefit.

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