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» » Free Phpfusion Black Blue Theme Template

Free Phpfusion Black Blue Theme Template

8-06-2023, 10:59
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Free Phpfusion Black Blue Theme Template

Designed for the v7.02.00+ the free abstract dark christmas black blue phpfusion theme template is for the ones who like and prefer dark styles design. One of the best free dark php-fusion themes templates that support the latest modern phpfusion features. Build in 3-columns with left and right sidebars, ready forum integration, internal search, counter widget, recent news and popular articles widget, social networking buttons and much more other 2013 features to refresh your phpfusion website.
To install this theme, you must first unpack the downloaded file (.zip, .rar ect.) into a temporary folder (e. g. c:\temporary). Once unpacked, upload the folder named, for example, 'Gillette', via an FTP program, into the 'themes' folder, in the root of your site (e. g. Path: (your site's)root/themes/Black_Christmas).
Once this has been done, simply launch your website and perform one of the following acts:
1. As a user (if enabled in 'Admin Panel' -> 'User Admin' -> 'User Fields'):
a. Log in, and then click on 'Edit Profile'. You will now see an option called 'theme:', below the 'Options' headline, where you can choose your theme from a dropdown list.
b. Look, in the list, for the newly installed theme. Select it, and then click on the 'Update Profile' button to view and use the new theme.
2. This option allows you to change the Main Site Theme for ALL users, as an administrator:
a. Log in, and go to 'Admin Panel' -> 'Settings' -> 'Main'.
b. From 'Main'(Settings), find the option: 'Site theme:', and select the newly installed Theme from the dropdown box, then click on 'Save Settings'.

License: Released as free software without warranties under GNU Affero GPL v3. Make any changes you like, However, Author's credit links must remain on footer for legal use.

Template Author: Assensvej

Please Check The Box In Order To Get The Download Links :

шаблоны для dle 11.2

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Comments (2)
Thkaal 18 February 2015 09:06
I keep getting this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'position' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ';' in /home3/thkaal/public_html/sfbn/themes/Black_Christmas/theme.php on line 145
Any tips?
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User offline Offline templates4all 21 February 2015 17:03
Quote: Thkaal

I keep getting this error...
Hello There,
We just Fixed that, please Download The New Archive ;)
Thank you for your Comment and Good Luck!
Be Nice and Leave a Thank You Message ;)
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