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» » Top 3 Gaming Themes for Websites

Top 3 Gaming Themes for Websites

9-03-2017, 10:54

The gaming industry is one of the most interesting spaces to watch out for. Every industry expert predicts exciting times ahead and this is because of a multiple array of factors:

· Big and small names are doing spectacular things here.

· Technology is changing and growing rather rapidly.

· Technologies such as VR and AR – virtual reality and augmented reality – have already made their debut and progressing swiftly as well.

· Software, hardware, content and devices are all growing.


So it does make a lot of sense to launch a gaming website in today’s time. Thankfully, there are plenty of choices and themes out there. So here is our pick of the top 3 gaming themes for websites.

Top 3 Gaming Themes for Websites


Its all about creating gaming communities and with Blackfyre, you get to enjoy:

· Enabling users to create huge communities among themselves.

· Create challenges.

· Keep track of winners and even

· Enjoy animated icons and images through the website.


One of the things that your users will enjoy is the ability to stay within the website itself rather than switching to and from the WordPress admin area. This uniformity within the website is enjoyable.


There are quite a few plugins that you can use to add functionality such as adding a shop to your website and multi-language support as well. You can also give your players the chance to create their own profile pages and not only manage their own profiles but manage other users’ teams as well.


There are limitless color schemes to be used with this theme. It is in this list because it offers:

· Parallax scrolling.

· Slide show builder.

· A nice and powerful Visual Composer.

· Off-center elements that are a contemporary touch.

· The ability to build a community as well.


The visual effects offered by this theme are striking and this is one of the reasons why it ranks high in popularity. You can also use plugins to create a store and a social network as well. Combine it with a forum and a blog and you can have a rather lively presence online. Its immense flexibility and responsive design also make it a hot favorite among website developers. If you love to customize everything about your website then this is one theme to consider very seriously.


If you love to have a magazine-style website then Gameleon has to be your choice. Some of the features and functions you can enjoy and use with this theme are:

· Multi-purpose gaming.

· Integration with bbPress.

· Review plugin.

· Responsive design.

· Custom login page.

· Ads that can be shown when games are loading.


There is also a plugin that helps you optimize your web pages in order to boost search engine rankings. It has won attention for its ability to support a newspaper and review site. While you can certainly build a website on it, you can also use it for powerful blogging and publishing content as well.


Every theme has its own strengths to offer and depending on whether you want to build a website for reviews, selling or news or even for the community – you can decide among the best suited themes.

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