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» » Why WordPress is Good than other Platforms?

Why WordPress is Good than other Platforms?

24-03-2017, 15:34

Why WordPress is Good than other Platforms

For new bloggers, which platform they choose is a tough decision. Generally, bloggers have three choices like Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress.

Though, when it comes to start a new blog, the most reliable choice is WordPress. Not like any other platforms, there are several important things that can be made with a self hosted WordPress blog.

The greatest benefit of a self hosted blog over any other platforms is that they have no limits. A reasonable blogging platform might look like a wonderful choice for bloggers who are new in this field, but in the long run, certainly WordPress is the most effective choice.

Why Choose WordPress?

1. Controlling

It is only main reason to choose WordPress blogging platform. For example, Google is the blogger’s owner that indicates they can any time delete a Blogger account without any initial warning. Though the feature of custom domain is used, still it is possible that a Blogger website might get reported or flagged as spam. Google can also delete a blog. This difficulty has been faced by several bloggers and can be neglected by changing over to a setup of self hosted WordPress.

2. SEO

Traffic is very important for every blogger, doesn’t matter their website is hosted or not. In other words, SEO is the blog optimization for search engines and to get enough amount of traffic from famous search engines. Some options of SEO are provided by the WordPress blogging platform and don’t control users to specific settings.

3. Support and Plugins

The wonderful thing regarding WordPress is that has features like plugins and a complete community for client support. On any other platforms, such type of features must be added and bloggers generally have to edit their theme to show associated posts. With the help of WordPress, things turn into simpler as there are easy to use plugins available for the whole thing that might be required. Something can be achieved by using available plugins on WordPress and customized code can be obtained from the support forum of WordPress.

4. Reputation

When thinking about the reputation, Blogger is not considered as a trustworthy blogging platform by many people. Apart from the truth that it is completely free, it is even being utilized by many people for bad SEO practices, spamming and affiliate landing pages. Alternatively, when planning to start a new blog, the bloggers are measured serious about their blog as they paid some amount for the service.

5. Templates and Theme

Without any doubt, many templates are provided by Blogger. Though, WordPress gives almost limitless options of premium and free themes as of the business nature of the WordPress. In addition, as WordPress bloggers have access to FTP, so the entire look and feel of the WordPress theme can be modified by it.

6. AdSense

Bloggers who want to make money always think about AdSense. At start, the most effective way of getting an AdSense account accepted was to make a blog. Though, now bloggers are searching it tough to get their AdSense account accepted with a Blogger blog.

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