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» » 6 Marketing Tactics To Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

6 Marketing Tactics To Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

5-02-2017, 16:35

Which would you rather have for your business, shoppers or buyers? Shoppers like to look, but buyers like to buy! It’s clear that for your business to survive, you need to learn how to turn shoppers into buyers.


Marketing Tactics To Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

Helping potential customers make the leap from looking to purchasing is challenging for an ecommerce site. Fortunately, there are many different marketing tactics you can use to convert traffic into sales.


Build an email funnel


When someone visits your ecommerce site, they may not be in the "buying” stage yet. Maybe they’re just checking you out or researching the products that you sell. How are you going to get them to come back to your website after they leave?


One way is to get their email address. If you’re able to get an email address, you can send messages to your potential customer and give them plenty of reasons to return to your website. You can persuade them with news, sales, discounts, giveaways, and more.


Don’t forget to have a compelling offer to get an email address from a potential customer in the first place. Discounts and giveaways are great options.


Use remarketing ads


Have you ever been chased around the internet by a persistent ad? Then you have been the target of a remarking campaign. These campaigns can be slightly annoying, but they are used for a reason: they work!


Sometimes it takes a little longer for a customer to pull the trigger on a purchase. When your customer sees images of the exact product they were considering as advertisements, it helps to draw them back to your website and complete the purchase.


Write strong calls to action


Ask and you shall receive! It may not work all the time, but it’s better than not asking at all. Are you giving clear directions on your commerce website? Is it clear what you want your visitors to do?


Always present the next logical step for a potential customer to take towards a conversion. You can use text, buttons, images, anything to present one clear action your visitors should take. Step by step, they’ll move closer to becoming a buyer.


Write great product descriptions


It may be difficult if you have a large inventory, but don’t neglect your product descriptions! Unique and compelling copy on your product pages help convince your customer to buy, and help search engines index your website.


Whatever you do, don’t copy and paste the manufacturer’s product description. Writing clear and creative copy will help boost your conversions.


Show social proof


We are social creatures. It’s in our DNA. The good news is you can pull on these psychological strings to turn shoppers into buyers.


If a shopper sees that other people have bought products from you, they’re more likely to buy from you too. You can show your social credibility in a variety of ways. Consider displaying photos of customers using your products, real reviews below product descriptions, and what other customers have bought or looked at after looking at the product.


There’s even an app called FOMO(which stands for "fear of missing out”) that super charges your social proof. It displays small pop-ups of products that have been purchased recently by other customers. It even works in real time!


Provide "decision making” content


Sometimes customers need a little hand holding to move down the sales funnel. Give the people what they need. Provide content about your products and address any concerns or questions your customers may have. Consider a FAQ page, sizing charts, or even a blog post comparing different products. Make the decision to buy an easy one!


By using these six tactics, you can turn casual shoppers into serious buyers. Give it a try and watch your ecommerce business grow.

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