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» » Enhance Your Photos in Few Clicks

Enhance Your Photos in Few Clicks

16-12-2016, 18:26

You probably have had times when you looked at your digital photos and told yourself, "This one is nice! But it can be even better if I tune it a bit."

Our eyes see the world in much more vivid detail than a camera can reproduce. Cameras simply capture an image in pixels, yet the true beauty of the moment is often lost.

When shooting in any mode, including the automatic mode or using preset scenes, the result of the picture often turns out not very comforting. Do you have plenty of time, or are you ready to sit for hours trying to enhance the colors in your photo to make it more dramatic, or to clean up digital noise? Well... that's a bold decision. Even if you know how to edit photos, most people don’t have the time to perfect their shots. For those of you who value their time, there're more advanced solutions out there.

Sometimes it so happens that you may look great on your phone or camera screen, but the actual picture comes out too dark or full of unnatural colors.

Here you'll learn how to improve the quality of the photo even if you don't possess the advanced Photoshop image processing skills. (Hint: you won't even need Photoshop to get great pictures!)

Enhance Your Photos In a Minutes

Meet the automatic enhancers

The idea of automatic photo improvement literally soared in air. Users have long waited for a magic button named "make it pretty”. The pictures which are too dark or too light look boring and monotonous, have little detail, and sometimes it's even hard to make out a face or a story. This problem can be handled by controlling parameters such as brightness, exposure, levels, and curves.

Every day the Internet fills up with new solutions, and many of those are designed to handle ready images. Every year the photo editors are getting better, and each one is trying to impersonate the magic button. Simple online photo editors typically offer only brightness adjustment, which is quite sufficient in most cases. But there are some photo services and application developers who claim that their products can do everything. Some of them are in truth quite functional. Built-in tools help you achieve the desired effect with no fuss - and in a blink of an eye.

For those who value their time and want to run all the above operations with one click, we suggest that you check out фт automated online correction solution, called Photolemur. Photolemur's crew state their mission as to bridge the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras take. Is it really so? Let's see.



Platforms: Mac OS, upcoming: Windows, iOS, Android, Web and other platforms

Price: free (get Beta for Mac OS)

Photolemur claims itself to be the world's first fully automatic photo enhancement solution which enhances your photos with the help of artificial intelligence. This next-gen magic pill is created to automagically enhance your photos. It automatically performs complex tasks that traditionally require a significant amount of time and effort.

Add here an user-friendly interface, the unique technology, and you get an auto photo enhancer that performs complex image improvements, which traditionally require a lot of manual control, human involvement and time.

Enhance Your Photos In a Minutes

Experienced photographers know how to put the light and what perspective they need to set off the flaws and emphasize the benefits. Photolemur gives you such a power — and even more. It evens out the complexion and retouches skin, whitens teeth, slightly modifies the shape of the face, nose and lips. Overall, often the effect is almost imperceptible, but the picture immediately becomes more attractive and fresher.

Photolemur's artificial intelligence algorithm automatically analyzes the image and produces the required color, brightness, and contrast adjustments, as well as "pulls out" shadows and sharpens images. As the result, such transformations make your shots much more visually attractive, and photos get more vibrant and vivid. One can especially notice this on dark and faded photographs that are taken in the wrong light, etc.

Simple and convenient interface of Photolemur helps you cope with the most common digital photo problems in less than a minute:

  • faded colors or incorrect color reproduction

  • digital noise in the photo

  • blur

  • the effect of "red eye" on photos of people

Here comes a nice bonus. You will be able to use Photolemur even if your computer knowledge is reduced to how to turn it on and visiting your page in social networks, since it’s interface is clear and truly simple.

Enhance Your Photos In a Minutes

How Photolemur actually works

Photolemur analyzes millions of pixels per second, identifies individual features (such as faces or trees), and automatically makes the necessary corrections and adjustments.

It learned its editing technique by analyzing over 90,000 edited photos of various styles, and its self-educating algorithm evolves over time as it successfully enhances more photos.

Enhance Your Photos In a Minutes

Every saved or shared photo is added to a virtual "success” database. If the photo isn’t saved or shared, it’s added to a virtual "blacklist.” This ensures that all future enhancements are based on a history of success.

Photolemur doesn’t alter the reality of your photos, but makes them more vivid, beautiful and natural. Just like you see the world.

To Tie It Up

The potential for the automated photo enhancement is huge. If you aren't eager to get into all the details of the image correction technology and are limited in time, you won't do without tools for automatic picture optimization (because you still want your photos to look better). Within a fraction of a second you can ensure quality which is much better than most amateurs are content with. Optimized automatic processing can significantly improve most images, and the cost of such processing is minimal.

The demand for quality photographs will never fade. And using one of the solutions with such a functionality, you can significantly improve the quality of your photos.

Such a solution will allow one to adjust colors and exposure, and add another portion of great shots to your gallery. So download it, and give it a shot. What if this is the very tool that is right for you?

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