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» » Own a printing business? Here’s how to thrive in the digital age

Own a printing business? Here’s how to thrive in the digital age

1-12-2016, 12:40

The dawn of digital age has transformed normal printing services to digital impressions of their former self. If you own a printing business and hopes to survive in this ever-evolving digital landscape, you need to adapt – and do it FAST.

Own a printing business? Here’s how to thrive in the digital age

Here’s what happened to the printing industry in the last five years, according to IBISWorld, a leading industry research company:

·The printing industry’s revenue has decreased an average of 2.1% every year.

·Printing companies have disappeared at a yearly rate of 3.2%.

·The number of people employed by printing companies has decreased by 4.2% annually.

IBISWorld predicts that the industry will continue to decline for the next couple of years. Who wants a slow death? You don’t. By making use of professional service upgrades and marketing products to supplement your printing services, your business can stay relevant and successful.

Here are a couple of recommendations you should mull over to complement your traditional printing services and direct mail marketing efforts.


Utilize Optimized Print Services. Smart print businesses are adapting through upgrading to Optimized Print Services (OPS) offered by providers like Konica printing servicesand others. This service helps you manage your print hardware more efficiently and effectively, which includes ensuring that you have the right fleet, finance, processes, and security in place.

Get a business website. Websites for businesses are no longer optional, it hasn’t been for a couple of years now. They are the new storefront. See the stats below to appreciate.

·95% of consumers will visit a business’ website first before contacting them.

·66% of new customers use online search to find local businesses.

·46% of all online searches is directed for information about products and services.

·75% of online searchers don’t scroll page the first page of results.

If you’re still hesitant about getting the website, just think of the benefits you’re foregoing – free marketing platform, communication hub, and a branding pedestal. Granted that you don’t have the experience to create your own, but there are hundreds of web development experts out there waiting for you. Or, you know, you can also use free website builders like Wix.

Send out Email newsletters. Recent studies show that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact with the client, which is why it is important to follow-up. Using only direct mail can be expensive since it’s labor and resource heavy. You can offer digital follow-up tools like email newsletters, which allows you to create mass emails for your clients’ businesses and schedule them to go out on a regular basis. Free tools like Mailchimp, for instance, will help you achieve this.


"Utilize pay-per-click (PPC) ads. You see this every time you search on Google. They usually sit on top of every search query and to the right of Google search results. They are also seen on various websites (called display ads). These ads can be targeted to a specific audience, and you can customize how you spend for them. Do they work? Of course, they do. Why else would these companies (big and small) keep using it without a return on their investment? Google AdWordsis your best friend if you want to start advertising online.


Surviving isn’t something you should be contemplating because your printing business can definitely thrive, depending on how you work on the strategies available at your disposal. Konica printing service, your very own website, email newsletters, and PPC ads – you may use any (or all) of these to revitalize or boost your results. Best of luck!”.

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