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» » Top Templates for Top Website Builders

Top Templates for Top Website Builders

28-08-2015, 12:38

Top Templates for Top Website Builders

Despite the fact that a great deal of die-hard designers turn their nose up at templates, they've become a staple of building a website. And unfortunately, a lot of templates out there are difficult to use, incompatible with various plugins, or poorly coded enough that they cause minor issues to crop up inside the content that's put on them.

In trying to find the best templates for the best website creator, we've identified many which provide templates and themes, and gone through the roster to provide our picks on the for the most common website builders. These themes are responsive, easy to use with a wide variety of other plugins, and offer great perks for SEO and social.

Top Wix Template

Wix offers a massive amount of templates, but from them all, the Male Salon template is the top. Already registered as one of the most popular of Wix's templates, it's responsive, has parallax feature, and makes it extraordinarily easy to get an incredibly different look for different projects. Unlike many other Wix templates, it's also got social share buttons and a great deal of other perks pre-built into the template.

Top Weebly Template

The top Weebly template we've selected is Unite, which offers a beautifully neutral palette and a wonderfully crisp combination of classic web design and modern lines. It's fully responsive and features a number of special coding effects such as gallery hover effects and other wonderful style options. Easy to use, this Weebly Template offers a fixed body design, which complements everything from boutique eCommerce websites to bloggers to more chic one-off brands.

It's one of the easiest to use Weebly templates, and provides a fixed navigation which sticks to the top of the page as users scroll down, effectively making navigation as easy as possible.

Top Shopify Theme

Shopify is one of the most popular website builders for ecommerce shops, and like most of the larger website builders, has a truly deep selection of themes. Our pick? Shopify's Symmetry theme. Designed by Clean Themes, Symmetry is fully responsive, contains excellent slideshop options, several homepage scrolling collections, and even stream and grid views.

But that's not all! Shopify also integrated Google fonts, which makes adjusting the look of the theme a snap, and has an intuitive double-step navigation system which helps guide users toward products.

Which is perhaps the most important thing. Shopify is a website builder geared specifically towards online shops, but many of its themes don't do a great deal to capitalize on this fact. Symmetry already takes into account some of the best practices regarding shop web design, helping users gain a leg-up over competition from the very start.

Top Wordpress Theme

Wordpress offers hundreds of free themes: but Optimizer is our pick! The theme, unlike many free options, offers an incredibly thorough options panel which allows a user to customize everything from fonts to page titles to logo width with ease! When a mainstay of most free themes is the lack of customization they offer, this is a powerful concept. It's responsive, retina ready, and conforms beautifully to various mobile devices. It's so customizable that the possibilities are endless, and it does as beautifully for a personal portfolio as a business website.

It's built on HTML and CSS3, and has clearly been rigorously tested for coding quality in terms of speed and security. It's also SEO friendly right out of the box.

Top Squarespace Theme

Our top pick for Squarespacethemes is: Peak! This theme packs a lot of wow factor when used to its full potential, and is sharp and crisp, toeing the line between quality design and art. It's scalable, fully responsive, and one of the easiest Squarespace themes to use in terms of keeping a consistent design with ease.

Top LightCMS Theme

Our top pick for the LightCMS builder is the Nebula theme. Just like all the others, it's fully customizable, but Nebula's source code is well documented enough that it's easy even for novice users to manipulate and mould into a new design. It's also one of the website builder's only mobile-friendly by default templates, and is fully responsive. Compared to many of the others, it also packs the biggest design punch, and is among the easiest to use.  

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