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» » Free Phpnuke Business 5 Theme

Free Phpnuke Business 5 Theme

14-11-2010, 10:26


This Free Business 5 PHPNuke Theme is our latest release for Free Themes Friday. Commercial type themes or Business themes that are of any standard are hard to find these days, we have the pleasure to tell you that this theme is released for free to the PHPNuke community.

The theme uses light white colours for the layout and then uses some touches of bright greens and blues to pull the users eye to the side features. The theme uses the alternate styled blocks for a different unique feel and the theme is 100% wide so your users will get a very good overall preview of your sites products, with matching forums this theme will set your site of with a great start.

The theme has matching PHPBB forums included so you could be up and running your commercial or business community/site in no time, the header just has one image to edit, and I have included the photoshop file and a blank one.

This theme was built to run on standard phpnuke 7.6+ or Raven Nuke 2.4+. It comes with a ton of extras and not to mention it is free. We have included enough extras that would allow you to convert this theme to any type site. There is also a banner placement in the themes footer.

The theme is 100% XHTML compliant and 100% CSS 2.1 compliant.

* Theme Install File
* NukeNav Styling for Ravens Nuke v2.4+
* Installation Instructions
* Matching Forum Template
* Mixed Width Theme
* Header PSD
* Your Account PSD
* Topic Images
* Your Account Images
* Theme Fonts
* Download Logo PSD
* Google Api Search Block (Optional)
* XML Scrolling Banners Mod (Optional)
* Works for Standard Phpnuke 7.6+
* Works for Raven Nuke 2.4+


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