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» » Free Phpnuke Business 2 Theme

Free Phpnuke Business 2 Theme

14-11-2010, 10:27


This Free Business 2 PHPNuke Theme is our 20th Free theme and is released under the very popular Free Themes Friday scheme. This Business theme comprises of greys both dark and light with a nice tint of green to give it a nice lift. The theme has matching PHPBB forums so you can start your community as well, and alternative blocks for a better individual feel. This theme could be used for many purposes but would look good on more conservative sites such as business or shops, I have included the main source files so you can edit the header to your needs. The Business theme is a 100% width maximising users screen resolutions for maximum viewing potential.

This theme was built to run on standard phpnuke 7.6+ or Raven Nuke 2.4+. It comes with a ton of extras and not to mention it is free. We have included enough extras that would allow you to convert this theme to any type site you need with a little Photoshop knowledge. There is also a banner placement in the themes footer.

The theme is 100% XHTML compliant and 100% CSS 2.1 compliant.

* Theme Install File
* NukeNav Styling for Ravens Nuke v2.4+
* Installation Instructions
* Matching forum template
* 100% Width Theme
* Header Psd
* Your Account PSD
* Topic Images PSD
* Your Account Images
* Theme Fonts
* Download Logo PSD
* Google Api Search Block (Optional)
* XML Scrolling Banners Mod (Optional)
* Works for Standard Phpnuke 7.6+
* Works for Raven Nuke 2.4+


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