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» » Site Owners Are Helping Spread Information About Zika

Site Owners Are Helping Spread Information About Zika

16-01-2017, 10:01

Site Owners Are Helping Spread Information About Zika

It is not uncommon for web designers and site owners – the entire World Wide Web community – to work together on solving a common problem. We saw this type of cooperation during the Net Neutrality debate. Today, site owners are assisting the government in fighting misconceptions about the Zika virus and the way it spreads. Thanks to studies conducted by top universities such as the University of Arizona and their Master of Public Health departments, we now know that the Zika virus can only spread through mosquito bites or sexual activity.

Efforts are being made to come up with a vaccine that will help treat those who have been infected. Early cases of infection can actually be treated with a wide-spectrum antivirus. There are also symptoms that can be identified to help with early detection.

Be sure to find out more about the Zika virus by reading the full Targeting Zika infographic.


Infographic - Targeting Zika, The threat and fight against the virus

This infographic was created by the University of Arizona.

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