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» » Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

14-12-2016, 14:14

Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

Using WordPress for your business website or professional blog is a really good idea because it’s supported by a huge community and has an abundance of resources for customization. However, due to the popularity of WordPress, choosing which theme to use is a lot harder than it sounds. There is an overwhelming amount of choice of themes so here are a few tips to make the decision a little bit easier for you.

Understanding your business

If you completed an online business degree you will understand the importance of having a theme that aligns with your business goals as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Before you start browsing themes for your website it’s a good idea to collate the key information about your business because it’s often easier to understand what you want to achieve when you have all the information to hand.

Here are a few factors it’s important to consider:

·The websites of your competitors

·Your target market

·If the site structure will support your content

·How will your brand be displayed

Understanding your business, audience and the competition will help you to make informed decisions rather than fitting your company around the ‘most popular’ theme.

Is the Theme Simple to Setup?

If you’re not particularly technically minded then the prospect of setting up your own website could be a quite a daunting one and probably not something you encountered on your online business administration degree. WordPress themes are often sold as being quick and easy to setup, but beware of false advertising – setup can sometimes take hours or even days – so be prepared and have a techie on standby if necessary.


The options for customizing your theme are almost endless with a dazzling array of diversity on offer. Some themes limit the number of customization options available and require you to make changes to code in order for them to be used, whereas other themes allow you to pick from a range of customization options. It’s best to look for the latter themes if you aren’t confident with coding else you could be making more work for yourself.

Is it Mobile Responsive?

This is really a no-brainer when it comes to making a website for a business because if the theme isn’t mobile responsive then it could lead to you losing a lot of potential custom. If you’re not familiar with this term, mobile responsive means that your website will adapt to any device it is being viewed on. This will mean your products or services are available to a wider market and it is likely to increase the amount of visitors to your site.

In conclusion, choosing a theme for your business website is a lot more complex than just choosing whatever looks best. It’s important to evaluate your needs first and that of your company and then begin the search process. By doing so it is much more likely that the end outcome will be a website that runs smoothly, delivers the goods and is something you can be proud of.

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