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» » The Importance of Concurrent Marketing While Producing a Blog

The Importance of Concurrent Marketing While Producing a Blog

26-09-2016, 12:55

The Importance of Concurrent Marketing While Producing a Blog

There are all sorts of different reasons why you could be considering making a blog. You might want to share your personal views and stories. You could be putting together some type of soft news schedule for professional reasons. Maybe you want to create a living resume. But in all those cases, one thing that you always want to associate with your content is the potential to get attention. And that's where marketing comes into play.

You can have the best content in the world with the most amazing graphics, the most intuitive navigation, and the most inspirational formatting the world has ever seen, but if you don't market yourself and your digital material correctly, then you'll never achieve the type of success that's possible.

So, points of consideration on your path to blog fame and fortune are how you decide to initially create your blog, how well you understand basic social marketing, where SEO fits into the equation, how other sites have become successful in your niche, and how your target demographic works.

Initial Blog Creation

When you initially decide to make a blog, there are a myriad of things to keep in mind. But the first order of business is typically going to be how you want your initial framework to sit inside your web hosting service. The three major options you have at this point is to go in guns blazing with completely custom HTML from scratch. Be warned, there is a lot of very technical work ahead with that choice.

You could also install a content management system in the form of Wordpress or Joomla. Or, get a subscription from a site like Squarespace, where the coding work is largely done for you. The important thing to consider is that after you pick one of these possibilities, you should try to stick to it in order to maintain consistency.

Basic Social Marketing

In the past five years or so, the importance of social marketing has skyrocketed, and the idea of the blog is right at the middle of it. This is because blogs are shareable. If the right people identify with the material that your company, brand, or blog is putting out, you can instantly go from a reach of a few dozen friends to tens of thousands of people, and with literally no cost on your part. All you have to do is know where to put the social sharing buttons on your page and what style of language to use.

Where SEO Fits In

Search engine optimization plays a huge role in today's online marketing. By following SEO best practices, understanding semantic writing, paying attention to the rules of the road regarding writing effective headlines, and noting any major changes in Google's algorithm, you'll take the ability of your content to reach the right audience to the next level of success. So yes, content is king, but now, presentation is queen.

Look At Successful Sites In Your Niche

There's no shame is borrowing tips, techniques, and tricks from other successful blogs in your niche. How do they market? What SEO styles do they utilize? How are their blogs set up in terms of responsiveness to mobile phones, tablets, and desktops? Answer these questions and then work those best practices into your own site.

Work To Understand Your Demographic

Finally, if you don't understand the demographic that you're aiming for with your content, you'll hit a brick wall early when it comes to interaction. The sooner you understand who you're talking to, the more quickly you'll be able to gauge your language and presentation exactly to the type of client who will react to your marketing schemes.

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