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» » 3 Best Website Plugins For Displaying Photo Collections

3 Best Website Plugins For Displaying Photo Collections

10-08-2016, 00:16

Best Website Plugins For Displaying Photo Collections

Collectors are passionate people. They pour their energy into finding, organizing, and caring for rare or unusual items. But for all this effort, one of the greatest challenges that collectors face is displaying their collections, as many of these treasured objects are fragile and can easily break if transported incorrectly or without proper packing precautions. To avoid these risks, many collectors are turning to the internet for alternative ways to present their collections.

Improved gallery plugins make the process of displaying photos online easier than ever, but having so many options also means that collectors may struggle to find the perfect platform. Still, there’s something out there for everyone. We recommend these three plugins for collectors and photographers seeking great photo frameworks for their websites.

For Social Mavens

Many collectors are part of larger communities and want to present their photos in ways that allow others interested in the materials to engage with them. If you’re seeking a great social linkup, then Social Gallery may be the right plugin for you.

With Social Gallery, users have access to Facebook and Disqus integration, allowing viewers to easily comment on the posted images. It’s also easy to customize the image links on Social Gallery, boosting search recognition, and the plugin allows for additional color and size customization as part of its suite of features. Overall, it’s an affordable plugin that works with 90% of Wordpress themes, further boosting its appeal.

For The Joomla Crew

Joomla isn’t as popular with amateur web designers as Wordpress, but the platform is excellent for visual site development, especially when equipped with the Amazed Photography template. What’s great about Amazed Photography is that it relies on a Vertex framework, which makes it more than just a plugin; you can create fully customized sites using this tool. If you’re a designer who works with a lot of collectors, Amazed Photography can help you design each site to your client’s unique needs.

For The Gallery Geeks

If you’re primarily interested in a photo plugin for display purposes, then Envira Gallery – currently one of the most popular Wordpress plugins – may be the right choice for you. While Envira Gallery includes plenty of customizable settings, what it really excels at isquick loading, responsive display. For collectors working with hundreds of images, speed is a vital consideration. You don’t want users to wait for minutes on end to view your photos or struggle to shift between image sizes and view functions.

Envira Gallery is also very easy to use if you’re not an experienced web designer, so you won’t need to worry about learning the intricacies of site design. Rather, for the beginning Wordpress user, Envira Gallery is intuitive and slips easily into your page layout, and allows you to upload photos at the touch of a button. For those with more experience building websites, however, you can still customize your CSS with Envira Gallery. As far plugins go, this one has universal appeal.

Visual displays are a high priority for web designers – whether they’re building sites around elaborate collections or just showing off vacation photos or snapshots – so take your time finding the right plugin for your needs. It’s better to commit your time to studying your options than to get several false starts with the wrong platforms.

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