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» » How a foreign business can showcase its services through its webpage

How a foreign business can showcase its services through its webpage

6-06-2016, 14:59

When a business operates in its own country, it already has a sense of what is expected and required of a website that appeals to its native users. But how does a business effectively communicate and showcase what it does when beginning to operate in foreign climes? The answer is, of course, through its website.

How a foreign business can showcase its services through its webpage

Building a website

The first thing to consider when building a website is the layout. There are fashions in website design just as there are in clothes, so any foreign business building a website from scratch should look at the current trends. How a website is laid out will vary, but it is currently good practice to clearly display at the top of the page the company’s contact details and have a wide picture banner with accompanying text explaining what is on offer and how it is of benefit.

Branding is another important consideration when building a website. To be effective, branding needs to be consistent, and so the look of a website – colours, language used, logo, etc. – needs to be reflected in social media profiles, on stationery and on other marketing materials.

When setting up a website for a foreign business, it is important to not only establish credibility but also give a little bit of background or history. This is usually best addressed in an About Us page, which can give information surrounding the people involved in the business, how it was established, its successes and its mission statement. It can also be a good idea for the business to demonstrate how clearly it embraces its roots in its mother country. For example, Nasib Piriyev, the co-founder of PNN Group, has included sections on the Arts and Cultures of the Central Asian region, which can give non-natives a brief insight into life in that area.

Social media is a great tool for not only increasing the reach and thereby offering more marketing opportunities, but also for presenting an accessible face to a new public. Companies should post regularly and include business updates, important events, behind-the-scenes photo stories and case studies to help establish the business as an authority in its area, and engender familiarity and thereby trust among its customers and social media followers.

There is one element that foreign businesses have to consider when setting up a website abroad, and that is a translation service. Including an ability to translate the language makes the website template even more accessible to international users, and thereby increases the brand’s reach. It is also worth considering the products or services on offer. Will they transfer well and be picked up by foreign customers, or will they not be desired in the same way as home-grown customers?

A website is an invaluable tool for any foreign business wanting to operate on an international stage. All that is needed is an understanding of current design trends and consideration of all customer needs to establish a credible brand.

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