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» » The 7 Top Templates for Your Healthcare Website

The 7 Top Templates for Your Healthcare Website

3-05-2016, 10:06

Top Templates for Your Healthcare Website

In the old days, medical practices didn’t need advertising to perform well. Competition was low in the field, and consumers tended to favor the practice that was nearest to them, despite potential differences in care.

That situation has changed. The healthcare realm has become one of the most competitive industries on the market as more people receive their medical license and open a practice. Advertising and a polished, professional website are key to performing well in the industry.

Fortunately, building a compelling medical website has become a fairly easy task, thanks to the thousands of free and paid templates that are readily available for download. Medical practices no longer have to build their own custom website, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and all too often full of glitches.

Instead, they can create a smart and unique design with a selection of templates. Here are some of the best options on the market.

1. Women’s Clinic HTML5

This template allows you to include your own customized images and text atop a background that’s designed to appeal to a female audience. It’s free for download, and easy to get started with your own website as soon as it's installed.

2. Medical Diagnostic Center Website

This design is an affordable, user-friendly template that’s sleek and contemporary. It’s easy to customize it to meet the needs of your business or practice, and the many available features have made it a hit with users. It’s eye-catching, easy to set up and install, and is likely to be the perfect fit for any medical practice’s online venture.

3. Medical Guide - Health and Medical

This template is fully responsive for Bootstrap, HTML5, and css3, and it’s designed specifically for use in hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, and other medical facilities. It’s all set to format seamlessly on tablets and mobile devices, and there’s no need to worry about coding because that’s already worked into the template. The architecture is attractive and the color palette very calming, which makes it an excellent alternative for any medical practice.

4. Family Medicine HTML5

Templates for family medicine tend to be a little more complex than some of the other choices because these practices usually offer more services than other specialties. This free design is gender neutral so it appeals to multiple types of families, and it has plenty of sections to discuss the various services your family medicine clinic may offer.

5. Home Healthcare HTML5

For professionals who offer in-home services, the template you choose for your website is particularly important. This template is the basis for how most of your patients will contact you, so it’s important to use a well-designed, user-friendly design. The great thing about this HTML5 model is that it’s pretty basic, so it’s less likely to confuse any of your users who may suffer from age-related illnesses or other mental disabilities. It’s also easy to handle on the back end, so you can focus more on helping your patients than fumbling with your website.

6. Dentistry Responsive Website

This website costs between $50 and $100, depending on the subscription you select, but it’s well worth the money. The template is perfectly optimized for use on any size of screen, and the bright colors and sleek style make it an attractive place for your patients to browse.

7. Medical Joomla Template for Medical/Healthcare Services

This highly responsive, crisply designed template is suitable for all kinds of businesses in the healthcare field. The design and content are flexible, which will help you customize your material to stand out from other websites. It’s easy to use on both the front and back end, which will keep your patients happy and you free of stress.

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