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» » How online gaming is making use of references to pop culture

How online gaming is making use of references to pop culture

26-04-2016, 16:52

Pop culture and online gaming make for good bedfellows as the crossover potential is enormous and has been recognised by game developers and the major gaming companies. So why would you want to play games that reference films, TV shows or music?

How online gaming is making use of references to pop culture

The simple answer is probably that these types of games enhance your playing experience when you get familiar and enjoyable references dropping in and out of your game. It doesn't really matter what era the reference comes from, because the chances are that if you are interested in cinema, music and television, you'll plug into it.

Everyone has a favourite genre, but the vast back catalogues of music of all types, TV programmes on constant repeat and films both old and new available either for download or streaming gives you a whole range of options to enjoy.

Playing online

It's not surprising that gaming sites themes have many games that include little snippets from pop culture. They could be little pieces of dialogue from a film that's well known, which raises a wry smile when you recognise it. It could be a riff or a snatch of popular music that makes you want to listen more as well as play the game more often, or maybe it’s part of a well known song chorus from a top singer or band.

One of the fun parts of playing games like these is picking out the references or taking a look at a game that goes back many years, perhaps a classic film or a retro TV show. Game designers are well aware of the enjoyment players get by dropping in these allusions to popular culture, and for the owners of licences and copyrights, it's an opportunity to attract new fans as well as find new sources of revenue from their ownerships.

Scratch card fun

Scratch cards are a simple way for you enjoy some online gaming with games that incorporate pop culture references. Scratchcard reviews can lead you to a wide range of game offerings, and you may be surprised by what some of them offer. If you are a fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus, for example, the iconic and madcap TV programme from the 1970s, the chances are you'll have seen some or all of the films they made. If so, then Monty Python and the Holy Grailmay spring to mind and the musical that came out of it many years later, Spamalot, can be found as a scratchcard game. Referencing the great illustrator and film director Terry Gilliam's illustrations and including snippets of music from the West End spectacular, the game provides plenty of amusement while playing.

Future fun

The sky's the limit for game designers and developers in the future to produce more and more games referencing pop culture. Provided everyone can get the right permissions, imaginations can continue to run riot, and you'll be able to play not only your favorite games, but also be introduced to a brand new range of dynamic playing options.

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