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» » 3 Elements of Creating a Trustworthy Website Design

3 Elements of Creating a Trustworthy Website Design

4-04-2016, 17:12

3 Elements of Creating a Trustworthy Website Design

With a significant portion of internet users determining whether or not to do business with a company based on their website design, it is easy to see why your web page design is important. Companies that exist solely online realize the importance of that trust and are careful to build a site that caters to it.

While you may believe a trustworthy website is not critical to your business’ success, you would be mistaken. A huge percentage of consumers will research a brand and company online before visiting them in person. Is your website doing you justice? Businesses from property management to catering will need to develop a trust from their webpage. Included here are a few tips for giving your website design a trusted appearance.


A page without personality is a page without people. When a consumer looks at your business page and sees stock photos with generic descriptions of your company and work, they are going to be suspicious. Why? Because your company is an abstract concept. It is not a group of hardworking people that they can relate to and understand.

This is why it is critical to inject some personality into your website. Having an employee’s dog as your mascot, a funny slogan and photos of employees can all help build the personality of your site. Showing humor and individuality can help your consumer relate to you on a personal note that can build your business and your personal rapport.

Social Proof

Have you ever heard the term "herd mentality”? As unflattering as it may be, it is a proven concept. Herd mentality dictates that people are like sheep, they follow the pack and often allow another to take the lead. Additionally, herd mentality dictates that something is "good” simply because someone else likes it.

For instance, if you see that all of your friends on facebook are buying a new flavor of Oreos, you may be tempted to try it. Even if your initial reaction is that processed cookies are unhealthy and you shouldn’t eat them. However, if everyone else is doing it, it can’t be that bad, right?

Herd mentality appeals to the trustworthiness of your website in a good way. Utilizing your social media accounts, reviews and customer responses, you can make yourself seem cool and popular as a business. You may think this sort of thing died out in high school, but it is actually quite alive and well.


Arguably the best way to boost trust in your website is by simply being secure. Website security can be demonstrated in that your website has an "https://” before the title and by the locked icon that appears on the address bar. Showing your data is encrypted and safe will allow your potential clients to gain trust and confidence in your company.

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