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» » 5 Interesting Features To Add To Your Web Design

5 Interesting Features To Add To Your Web Design

2-03-2016, 16:26

5 Interesting Features To Add To Your Web Design

Most web designs have fairly common features. And that means that if your particular products or services aren't spectacular in themselves, then your page may not be particularly memorable. However, there are always ways to stand out.

Five in particular, in terms of web design and development, include adding features like bookmark utilities, chat functions, payment options, customization potential, and even just smarter navigation options. All other things being equal between your site and another, this extra features may be the difference between a sale and a 'pass on by.'

1. Bookmark Utilities

A few websites have included a bookmark function, where after you do some installing and dragging and dropping, you can populate a list of data based on your preferences and desires. This is especially intriguing for things like sites that give information about opening and closing times of various businesses, restaurants and shops. It would be a pain to try to get all of that information manually, so any kind of web design work that makes it easier for people to use your service is definitely in your best interest.

2. Chat Functions

And in today's world of immediacy, if you install a chat option on your website, that will give potential clients instant access to someone at your company that can give direct answers to questions people may have. This is a fantastic way not only to build trust in your brand, but also to potentially close deals right away while people are still browsing your website. Many, many mainstream sites have this option now, and statistic show that it's one feature that people look for specifically in certain industries.

3. Payment Options

One of the great one-click payment options that's become available recently is through PayPal. Once you set up your business account and put some information in, you can get the code to put right into your website where once a person hits the button, they go directly to a screen where they commit to giving you a specific amount of money. It doesn't get much easier than that!

4. Customization Potential

Some sites also have an intriguing feature baked in where you can change what the site looks like to you. Sometimes this is in the form of dark and light modes, and sometimes you can do things like change the background color or texture. Though it might not directly translate to sales, it does get certain creative people interested in you.

5. Smarter Navigation

And finally, one of the biggest drawback of poorly designed sites is that navigation will get clunky or slow. So, if you want to stand out in terms of professionalism with regard to efficiency, making sure that your navigation is a top notch system is extremely important.

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