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» » Create Awesome Job Sites in 2016 by Leveraging The Best WordPress Themes and Plugins

Create Awesome Job Sites in 2016 by Leveraging The Best WordPress Themes and Plugins

1-03-2016, 09:40

Create Awesome Job Sites in 2016 by Leveraging The Best WordPress Themes and Plugins

The world is a place to exchange energy and the basic process of exchanging energy is by working. You transfer your energy to your employer by the job that you do for him and in lieu of that you get money, which is a universal unit of energy. When it comes to the game of internet, it has become much effortless to locate your place in the energy work circle. Employers are seen to actively hunt for employees through job portals because this is a cost-effective and cheap way of communicating with the job seekers. Hence, it is not at all surprising to learn how to make such useful and lucrative additions to your WordPress site. One of the easiest ways is to use WordPress themes and plugins and transfer your existing site into a job portal which can even boost your revenue as well. Check out some themes and plugins to integrate.

  • Jobseek : For all those who want to create a professional job portal, the theme called Jobseek is a perfect choice. It has a user-friendly interface and a charming design. It displays jobs in an organising manner and displays vital details about the company of the employer. If you can easily navigate the interface of any WordPress website, you can even find it easy to work with Jobseek. On the frontend page, employers might post available jobs where the location of the job and a short description will be included.

  • Job Manager : This is indeed a lightweight plugin for integrating the functionality of a job board to your WordPress site. Since it is shortcode based, it can work with any WordPress theme and is simple to setup and use. Using WordPress UI, you can manage, add and categorize job listings. There are frontend forms for the registered users and the guests to submit job listings and each can be tied to a website address or an email.

  • You can both connect your existing website and create a new job board to manage all job offers through the plugin called If you’re already using WordPress, you can manage and publish job offers free of cost with Osclass technology. This software has already been used by over 4000 companies throughout the world. You can get numerous resumes from all the interested candidates, thanks to the agreement between the major job sites and Osclass.

  • Zartis Job Plugin: Hiring has been made easy through Zartis plugin. You can easily edit your job vacancies, add them and delete them. Candidates can apply for jobs in the online app. You can customize how the page looks on your WordPress site, you can post jobs to major job boards in a single click, you can tweet your job vacancies and also post them on Facebook.

  • LinkedIn Master: In case you’re serious about the connections that you have in LinkedIn and you wish to integrate the personal or company LinkedIn page into your existing WordPress site, your solution is LinkedIn Master. You can show off your personal LinkedIn profile, your company profile and even both at the same time helping yourself boosting your connections.

Therefore, there lies the list of WordPress Jobs Plugin which you might add to your site in order to increase your revenue and allow employers to locate their prospective employees.

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