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» » Keeping Your Web Design Focus On Subject Matter

Keeping Your Web Design Focus On Subject Matter

18-02-2016, 15:22

When it comes to designing a website, sometimes those that aren’t used to creating such a platform for something specific can get a little out there. If you have a website focused on one particular TV show you wouldn’t start talking about other shows that have absolutely nothing in common with the show your site is about, right?

Keeping Your Web Design Focus On Subject Matter

It is for that reason that it helps to pay attention to what you are putting on your website, from words to photos, and even the colors you pick. If you are creating a website selling hardware to construction workers or home developers, you don’t want the site colors to be pink and purple. They may think they clicked the wrong link.

Look At What Your Site Is About

Your first indication of what you need to do with your website’s design is to look at your subject matter, as mentioned above. Think about the demographic of the people that your site will be attracting. You want to make the things that they will see within appealing to them.

That could mean writing blog posts about man caves or it could mean writing posts about DIY weddings, it all depends on the subject matter of the overall site, and the people that will be coming to your site. You want to give them what you need to in order to keep them coming back.

Try Focusing On Your Keywords

Keywords can also make a big difference when it comes to your overall website design and how well your site attracts the people you want it to. SEO fits into title tags and more when it comes to design, so make sure you are getting the most out of this one way to attract people to your website.

If people can’t find your site then you put a lot of work into it for basically nothing. Make sure it’s doing its job.

Colors Should Mesh

You’ve probably heard that different colors make people feel differently. Fast food restaurants use colors like red and green to appeal to their hunger. Purple makes people feel like they are getting the royal treatment.

Take some time to research the meanings of different colors and pick the ones that best suit the topic of your website. You’ll be amazed at increased interest and readership, and maybe even make more sales.

Keep Photos Focused Too

Using the wrong photos on your website can be both confusing and deceiving. Make sure that the photos you pick to share, even in your blog posts, make sense for your website. If your site is all about tax preparation you don’t need photos of a guy fishing.

Make sure your photos have good colors, and that they are a good resolution, both for big screens and mobile media screens.

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