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» » Tab Categories Necessary for Your Website

Tab Categories Necessary for Your Website

13-02-2016, 20:05

Tab Categories Necessary for Your Website

Websites are one of the primary ways that companies conduct business. There is no doubt that as the digital world continues to grow, e-commerce will completely take over everything. Business to consumer sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion dollars in the United States in the year 2016. By 2018, e-commerce is expected to reach over 2.3 trillion dollars.

Nobody can look at those numbers and think they can have a place in the business world without turning online. It would be absolutely preposterous. With this being said, you probably either already have a website or are in the process of building one. There is a lot to be said for this frontier and there are a lot of categories to cover to ensure that your page has everything it needs to be successful.

While one can give a general overview of everything needed, let's begin with tabs.

What Are Tabs?

For years tabs have been used to categorize information. Think of school when you would get those colored tabs to insert into your binder in order to separate all the information from your different classes. The same concept is used for a tab on a webpage.

There is entirely too much information to give and it’s not practical to organize it as you would in a paper, so you organize it in tabs. The critical thing is to choose the right categories by which to organize your information.

About Us

You might not think that customers would want to read about you when visiting your website, but you’re wrong. Out of all the choices, people want to know that whomever they’re giving their business to is worth their salt. An "about us” tab is a necessary category to have on your website to prove to people why they need to choose you.

Contact Us

In the same way that an "about us” tab is important, a "contact us” tab is just as crucial. Have you ever been to a website where you can’t find the number to call when you have a question or something goes wrong? It’s miserable and your chances of returning to them for business are slim to none. Polyclinic has great examples of tab use and the "contact us” tab is right at the top of the page and easy to see.

If you look at any website, the top tabs they’re going to have is the about tab and the contact tab, tabs otherwise will vary depending on your category of business. In the end, the tabs you offer need to be indicative of the services that you’re offering, the rates you charge, and why people should choose you over other companies offering the same thing.

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