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» » Tips For Making Your Art Blog Pop

Tips For Making Your Art Blog Pop

13-02-2016, 15:56

Tips For Making Your Art Blog Pop

If you are an artist and you don’t have your art online, it’s time to get designing your online portfolio. Having a website can be a great way to attract new sales and to show people your talent.

Even if you just want to try to get your work into art galleries, having an online portfolio gives you a jumping point. It’s a place to send prospective galleries to see your work, without the need to lug all of your work around from door to door. An online portfolio streamlines the process of showing off your work.

Start With Pictures

Having good photos of your artwork on your website is important. You want to make sure that the lighting is right so that they show the true colors and details of your work. You don’t want blues looking purple because of bad lighting and have a purchase turned down because they thought they were getting something completely different.

Pictures are everything when it comes to art, although you also want to make sure to include some descriptive information about your artwork as well. But without an actual visual you won’t be selling your work to anyone.

Tell People What Went Into Your Work

For your description, you don’t just want to tell people what your piece stands for or what it means to you, but you also want to make sure that you tell them what went into the work. How much time did it take to complete it, what type of materials did you use, and what was the inspiration for it.

You can also include what the piece made you feel, or what you hoped others would feel when they view it. However, art is subjective, and each person that views it with feel and see something different than the next.

Create Videos Of The Process

One really creative, and somewhat unique, thing you can do for your online portfolio is to make video of the process you go through to create your art. A good example of the many things you can do with videos when it comes to art can beseen on the Park West Gallery YouTube page.

You can chose to make videos of yourself painting a canvas, creating pottery, or whatever art medium you work with. You could also create step-by-step guides of the process you go through, from coming up with the idea to the finished product.

Update Often

Make sure that you are updating your site often. When you get new works completed get them up on your site quickly so that people can see what you have been up to. A stagnant website will start to lose viewers, and even your most dedicated fans may stop coming by.

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