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» » Advantages Of Drupal CMS Templates

Advantages Of Drupal CMS Templates

27-01-2016, 17:37

Drupal may not be the most recognizable name in the CMS market – people are more familiar with Wordpress and Blogger and often default to these systems – but it’s time for Drupal to take center stage.

Advantages Of Drupal CMS Templates

As one of the most complex and flexible CMS platforms available, Drupal, a name that plays on the Dutch word for water droplet, not only offers many of the same conveniences of these other systems, but allows those with more advanced programming and design skills to customize their site. Though there’s certainly a learning curve to using Drupal when compared to other systems, here are 5 reasons you should test out its templates.

The Open Source Advantage
Part of the beauty of Drupal is its combination of complexity and low cost. To create a website as elaborate and personalized as designers are building with Drupal would be much more expensive elsewhere. However, since Drupal is an open source CMS, a significant number of premade components and themes are available for little or no cost. This allows small businesses and others working on a low design budget to build the perfect website without the associated costs.

You’ve Got Support

Drupal offers itself up as a DIY platform. You put together the templates, themes, and components that make the most sense for you, but they don’t leave you completely adrift. Rather, there are a few companies that are partnered with Drupal and can bring an extra level of training and expertise to your design project.

It helps to have a partner on your side if you need to do a big redesign or you’re having a problem with a major site component embedded in your template. These partners can help you resolve your site issues while also building a direct relationship with your business that isn’t otherwise possible for a CMS platform of Drupal’s size.

They’ve Mastered The Basics

Responsive web design is absolutely vital if you want to compete in the SEO arena, but templates don’t always have this feature down. With Drupal’s templates, however, responsiveness is not a problem. Templates for both professional and personal websites have responsiveness built in. Rather than having to add responsive design as an afterthought – which inexperienced designers may overlook – it’s with you from the start.

Content Fits In All Forms
One of the major shortcomings of basic CMS platforms is their concomitant restriction on content types. You can make a page of blog posts and plug other content in, but can you make a poll or set up podcasts? With Drupal you can. If you want great flexibility and variety in your content creation, then Drupal is definitely the way to go. This platform really sees beyond text posts and videos.

Plug It In

Once you’ve chosen a template for your Drupal site, you’ve barely scratched the surface. There are over 7000 Drupal-compatible plug-ins. You can also create your own plug-ins depending on your design and function needs – just another perk of the open source software.

If you’re considering redesigning your website or need to transfer to a more powerful CMS platform, consider making the shift to Drupal. The wide variety of templates and plug-ins make it an ideal website for almost any function, with extensive organizational and administrative management functions. This is definitely a CMS to try on for size.

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