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» » Responsive web design – Not a trend, but an evolution!

Responsive web design – Not a trend, but an evolution!

13-01-2016, 18:30

Responsive Web design

Nowadays, static websites which only focus on one device are anything but functional. All the different types of smartphones, tablets and notebooks catapult the good old PC to the end of the line. Thus, web designers face a new challenge. The goal is to perfectly present a homepage on any device. The answer: responsive web design!

A few numbers and facts about mobility
To enhance the importance of responsive web design, a brief look into the past – and the near future – puts things into perspective. The statistic portal "” offers some great insights, which underline the necessity of responsive web design; the ability to access the internet wherever you are representing the fundament for the featured statistics. It is estimated that the amount of mobile devices will increase from 324 million in the year 2010 to impressive 1.359 million by the end of 2016. This equals an increase of 420 percent! In comparison, the increase in the PC segment is estimated at only 50 %.

And what exactly is responsive web design?
A very basic explanation: the appearance as well as the functions of a website are programmed in a way to automatically adapt to the requirements of the individual end device. For a more graphic picture: websites which do not run on responsive web design can be compared to a poster which you would like to view through the frame of a post card. An amazing website showing the power of responsive web design and which will most of all delight the gentlemen among our readers is Target Escorts. Responsive web design empowers all the components of a website - for example, the navigation, the format, the texts, etc. – to be perfectly featured and user friendly.

The fundament of responsive web design …
… is described by numbers and letters. HTML5 defines the newest version of the fifth major revision of the Hypertext Markup Language. It is responsible for formattingand displayingdocuments onthe internet. CSS3 is another key programing language in the web, which takes care how the HTML elements are displayed on screen, paper, or in other media (colour, lay out, etc.). If you wish to find out more about the fundamentals of responsive web design or to use it, Google offers a great online course for responsive web design!

The future of responsive web design
In order to sum things up, today basically every website should be built on responsive web design. Where are definitely at a stage where experts just assume that any web design is responsive. So where will we go from here? The new devolvement on the market of mobile devices is clearly focussing on wearable devices like the Apple Watch. This is where today’s responsive web design has reached its limits. The272px by 340px of the Apple Watch are insufficient to display anything but a couple of lines of text. However, this obstacle will certainly be mastered in the very near future!

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