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» » How Can a Web Theme Transform Manufacturers?

How Can a Web Theme Transform Manufacturers?

1-12-2015, 13:20

5 Ways the Right Theme Can Breathe New Life Into Old Industries

Some industries are easy to update and fun to present to users in new, exciting ways. When a new gadget or video game comes out, the marketing campaign practically writes itself, and after a few quick brainstorming sessions, a marketing team can come up with an original, exciting web design that consumers will love. Other industries, like manufacturing or energy, don’t change as often, and aren’t as exciting for consumers—at least not consistently.

Reach Your Users

Still, if you want to succeed in the world of online marketing and appeal to today’s generation of buyers, you need to have a website that truly speaks to them. Templates are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to build a website from scratch, but how can they be used to transform a company from an old industry into something modern and compelling?

  1. Find a theme that suits your brand identity. What defines your company? What makes you different from all the other competitors out there? What characteristics are most important to understand who you are and how you do business? Take these into consideration when choosing your theme. Are you casual and fun or sturdy and professional? Are you colorful and modern or conservative and traditional? These are important questions that will dictate your users’ first impressions, and help you find the perfect theme.

  1. Show off what makes you the best. There’s something you have that nobody else has. You have to, or you probably wouldn’t be in business. It might be a stellar product your competitors can’t match, a unique value proposition that you offer better service, or a great brand personality. Whatever it is, use your new design template to accentuate it. For example, at Enphase, residential roofing products are their claim to fame, so they show off completed products in the sliding banner of their homepage. Your goal is to find a way to grab attention and drive home your unique value at the same time.
  1. Prioritize content. With basic site design out of the way, your biggest priority should be filling that design with as much high-quality content as possible. That content can be details on your products and services, updates from your company or industry, or some other form of useful material for your users. Take Dragon Products LTD’s blog, for example. It touches a little bit on all these topics, and fits the material cleanly in the design of its broader site.
  1. Don’t shy away from images and video. People eat up multimedia content—it’s one of themost important modern design trends. It’s not enough to have an interesting theme that suits your brand; you have to include images and videos of your products and services so people get a glimpse of what you actually do. Take a look at CST Tires - immediately, they show a video of their products in action, with dozens of large images of their products in different applications in the background. It forms a strong first impression, and keeps users interested.
  1. Monitor your performance and make tweaks. Google offers a variety of tools to help you track your site’s progress, including Analytics to help you measure and understand your incoming traffic, and Webmaster Tools to help you diagnose and fix any technical issues with your site. Use these to your advantage, and keep a close eye on how your site performs. If you find your users often bounce when getting to a certain page, change something about it and measure it again later. If you find they really like a certain topic on your blog, write more about that topic. The key to success is adaptation.

Follow these strategies, and your new website will be far more attractive to incoming visitors, giving you a better chance at retaining your traffic and eventually converting. A professionally designed, unique site can give you an advantage in presenting your brand in an original way, but if implemented properly, high-quality site templates can give you a similar advantage.

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