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» » Should you Choose the Cheapest WordPress Hosting you can Find?

Should you Choose the Cheapest WordPress Hosting you can Find?

21-09-2015, 20:02

Often, when new website and blog owners start looking for hosting, they want to find the best possible deal. This is how our minds are trained and we do it with just about every buying decision we make. However, the cheapest WordPress hosting may not be the right choice for your specific needs.

Should you Choose the Cheapest WordPress Hosting you can Find

It's important to remember that cheap doesn't always equal good. You may feel like you are getting a good deal because you can save another $12 to $24 per month, you are getting a good deal. However, how much time would $12 to $24 buy for you?

Sometimes, the cheapest web hosting you can find will cost you time in the long run. Maybe your site isn't working, so you have to contact the support of your hosting company. Instead if this interaction happening quickly and your problem being solved, you end up waiting for support for 10 to 15 minutes and it takes a few hours to get things fixed. This may leave you wondering if it was worth it to save a few dollars to get hosting with less than adequate support.

Making a Better WordPress Hosting Decision

Just about every hosting company you will find will offer you shared hosting with the ability to useWordPress for your website. It's not hard to find a good hosting company for your WordPress website. However, it becomes difficult when you let price become a huge factor in your decision.

Hosting companies offering super cheap hosting are going to cut corners. Whether those corners are cut in the support they provide, the features they give you or in the stability of the server, you won't know until after you've shelled out your cash and a problem arises.

When a website hosting package seems too cheap, it probably is too cheap. Often, this is a sign that the company is shoving as many accounts on each server as possible, which puts you in a bad situation. If you end up on an overloaded server, you will experience more downtime than you want and you may experience security issues.

Taking the cost out of the hosting decision will help you make a better decision. Even though the cheapest WordPress hosting may not be the right choice, neither is the most expensive, unless you have special needs. When you have a full understanding of what you really need, you can make a better hosting decision.

What do you Really Need for your WordPress Website?

So many hosting companies offer unlimited hosting packages with all the bandwidth and disk space you need. However, it's not really unlimited and you might not need unlimited hosting, anyway. Getting unlimited bandwidth is always a good thing, but very few sites really need unlimited disk space.

When you first start out, you probably don't need more than about 50GB of disk space. If you only plan to start one website, a basic hosting package for around $5 per month will do the trick.

For those looking to build multiple websites or grow very fast, a larger account might be necessary. You will want to find a hosting package offering unlimited domains or at least multiple domain hosting. You may also need more than 50GB of disk space, but most sites still won't need much more space.

Only when you need a dedicated IP address or some other type of upgraded feature should you pay more than about $8 a month for good WordPress hosting and you have to pay attention to the best web hosting reviews. If you do need a dedicated IP address or other special features, you should still be able to get a good hosting account for less than $15 per month.

You don't have to spend a fortune on shared hosting for your new WordPress website. However, avoiding those trying to sell you less than adequate hosting with horrible support for a dollar or two a month, will save you from frustration in the future.

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