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» » How to find hidden features in many of today’s technologies

How to find hidden features in many of today’s technologies

17-09-2015, 23:44

How to find hidden features in many of today’s technologies

Whether it’s the latest game or the latest digital camera, users are always keeping an eye out for hidden features that will enhance their user experience. Many manufacturers of today’s most popular products keep certain features hidden for various reasons. This makes the purchasers of these product more inquisitive, with many finding ingenious and unusual ways to get the most out of the products they purchase.

When a popular new product enters the market, thousands and even millions of other people will be purchasing the product too. Some are happy to use the basic functions of new products. However, there are many who will want to find out every detail about the products and any hidden features that exist. The digital nature of many of today’s technology products means it’s easy for manufacturers to hide certain features. However the digital nature of these products also means there are more tools available to unlock these hidden features. The following are some of the most common ways consumers of technical products can unlock hidden features in the products they buy.

Online advice

Since the introduction of the internet, groups of like-minded people have started to form. Discussion forums and social media groups are some of the most popular places for like-minded people to discuss new products they are interested in.

For example gaming forums attract like-minded gamers who may be interested in a particular type of game. Members of these forums and social media groups give advice, ask questions and communicate in various ways with other individuals who are interested in the same type of games. Once a hidden feature is found and mentioned on these forums or social media websites, the word spreads quickly. New users wanting to find out more about hidden features simply have to visit these forums or websites and look for threads and discussions that mention these hidden features.


Android rooting

Android mobile devices are used by millions of people around the world every day. These devices are extremely powerful and contain many features the ordinary user does not realise exist. Most users simply use their mobile device to make and take calls, for texting and may use some basic apps. However, these devices are able to do so much more than that. The problem facing users is limitations placed on these devices by their manufacturers who hide many of the other useful features associated with their devices. To overcome this problem different types of Android rooting apps have been created. These apps are able to access an Android devices root files. Once this is completed they can root Android devices by viewing and editing the root files of an Android device.

Read the manual

This may sound obvious but many people just throw away or lose the instruction manual when they buy a new product. The manufacturers will include the most useful features of a product and how to access them. Despite this many users of new products never give themselves the opportunity to find out about these features because they don’t read the manual.

Customised firmware

More technically advanced users of certain products are able to create and modify customised firmware that is able to control and change the settings of various types of products such as mobile devices and digital cameras. Carrying out this activity can reveal and activate many hidden features you did not realise existed.

YouTube and How To websites

The internet is the perfect tool for sharing information. YouTube and various information websites are the perfect places to learn how to use products to their full potential. Advanced users of certain products are only too willing to share their knowledge. This includes listing and demonstrating how to access and use different types of hidden features in the latest technology products and devices.

Buying a product

Many manufacturers of technology products and software applications include hidden features for financial reasons. Many businesses offer a free version of a particular product or a trial period. This limits the user to certain features. The rest of the features of a product are locked until a fee is paid or the user starts paying a subscription.

As you can see there are many ways to unlock the full potential of the latest technology products. Some ways are obvious while others require the help of experts.

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