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» » What You Need to Know About the New Update to PrestaShop

What You Need to Know About the New Update to PrestaShop

30-12-2015, 18:33

What You Need to Know About the New Update to PrestaShop

PrestaShop has long been established as the leading open source online retail management system. With a large following of people who base their online businesses on PrestaShop's powerful platform, a new update is sure to attract some interest in the website owner world. The latest release of PrestaShopis version, and it is a major update that offers both design and functional changes, all of which are geared towards giving PrestaShop users a better experience, and towards giving their stores extra capabilities.

Here we take a look at what is in the new release:

A Better User Interface

The back office area of PrestaShop is where site owners do all of their admin and management, and so it is really the most important part of the system as far as most users are concerned. While PrestaShop has always been acclaimed as an easy to use system, the latest design changes to the interface in the back office area have aimed to make the user experience even better, with improved navigation and a refreshed look. It is not just the interface that has been given an overhaul, either – the whole PrestaShop brand has been updated with the introduction of the product's new mascot – a cheerful looking puffin named Preston!

A New Module for Selling in the EU

Whether you are based within the EU or outside, selling within the union can be complicated, because as well as considering the different taxes and currencies for each member state there are also the EU regulations you need to be compliant with. PrestaShop have aimed to address this with version, by adding an EU compliance module that can help. If you have been put off expanding your marketing to sell in other countries in the past, this update may actually help make it possible for you to really push your store in other EU markets and make far more sales. Of course, this new feature won't be that useful if you have no interest in selling outside of your own country, but if that is the case, why not ask yourself why you aren't trying to tap into the EU?

Stricter Coding Standards

This may be more technical than the average PrestaShop user is interested in, but it is still worth knowing. As an open source platform, PrestaShop is worked on by lots of developers separately and collaboratively. With any big open source project, this can mean code can be written in different ways in different places, and that can cause issues. Prior to 1.6.10, PrestaShop tightened up their coding standards, so now, the code should be more consistent. This leads to better quality, better testing, and therefore better software!

In addition to these changes, you should also find PrestaShop works faster thanks to some optimizations that have been made to how database queries are prioritized. All in all, this major release contains a lot of good stuff users are likely to welcome.

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