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» » The Importance of the Right Website Theme

The Importance of the Right Website Theme

17-06-2015, 23:10

The Importance of the Right Website Theme

What your website looks like tells the world a lot about your company or organisation - even if you’re a one person freelancer or writing a personal blog. Of course, your website designer (if you have one) is responsible for creating the look of your site as per your wishes and instructions, but if not then it’s up to you to create something that appeals to your visitors in the right way.

What is a theme?

A theme is the general coordinated look of a website - its ‘clothing’. This encompasses the colour scheme, the type of font used, the standard features such as the borders, sidebars, positioning of headers and more.

A theme can be created manually by a web designer or yourself if you have even basic web designing skills. Alternatively, themes can be obtained in the form of a template so the basic structure, font, positioning of headings and pictures is already done for you.

This type of theme is commonly used in conjunction with pre-designed web sites and content management systems such as Wordpress. Usually with one click, the theme of your choice is installed on your site thus giving it its look. From here you can add your own content, pictures and graphics and often add on other features if you desire.

How to get themes

If you’re using Wordpress, then they offer a wide selection of themes some of which are free, others you have to pay for. You can look through their selection and even ‘try them on for size’ on your site to see what they’ll look like. When you choose one, you simply install it with one click.

There are third parties who provide paid for and free themes such as these people so there’s plenty of choice available. One great source for premium themes and templates is Gavick. Other pre-designed websites such as Moonfruit and those from some web hosting companies provide a pre-designed option in the form of themes usually based around the type of business, organisation or blog being hosted.

Adding to themes

Most themes are customisable - at the very least you can insert your own pictures and change the basic page layout. You can extend this further by adding what Wordpress call ‘plugins.’These are add ons that enhance the functionality of the website such as the following:
  • Contact forms - templates to enable your visitors to get in touch by leaving their email address
  • SEO packs - easy to follow forms to enable your site to perform as well as possible in website search engine rankings
  • Anti spam - plugins to help combat spam from blog commenting
  • Performance plugins - to keep your site performing as it should
Good hosting

Before going to the trouble of choosing themes and plugins, it’s very important to get the basic foundation stone put in place - your web hosting. Click here for more information. While themes can make or break the look and appeal of your site, good web hosting will make your site as visible and fast loading as possible.

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