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» » Engage Customers With a Dynamic Blog or Website

Engage Customers With a Dynamic Blog or Website

26-05-2015, 11:31

Engage Customers With a Dynamic Blog or Website

When companies fail to have compelling websites, consumers these days are quick to dismiss. There are three things you have to consider in order to keep customers engaged and have a relevant and dynamic site. The first is the importance of having a design that is easy to use and attractive to view. The second is to understand the need for a design that works just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. The third is to develop a site that performs well. 



If you do not have skills in these areas, it is best to hire professionals to design and maintain the site for you.



The Importance of Aesthetics

Frankly, potential customers will pass up websites that are chaotic to look at. It is essential to make sure that the site reflects what the company does and that everything from the fonts to the colors used on the website is chosen carefully. Color can have an especially strong impact on the viewer.

Color Theory: The Importance of Color in Web Design, explains it best by saying, "some colors hold a universal significance- for example, it is commonly understood that red is a color for warning and green is means go. But, put together, most people would associate the color combination of red and green as Christmas. Bright colors tend to set a happy and positive mood, whereas dark colors tend to project the opposite. Within the psychology of colors, warm colors show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool colors symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony.”

For example, you can use a responsive blue waves template for a calming and relaxing site.

The Need for a Mobile Friendly Design

You are doing yourself and your company a disservice if you have a website that only works well on a computer. You are missing out on all of the potential clients that you could get who are trying to look up information about your company on a tablet or cell phone.

According to The Huffington Post article, Reasons You Absolutely Must Optimize Your Website for Mobile, "30 percent will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart is n't optimized for mobile devices.” On the other hand, the article goes on to say that implementing mobile optimization results in a reduced bounce rate, increased conversions, improved brand engagement, and higher income.

The increased income is due to mobile users, who tend to spend more per purchase. Adobe Digital Marketing Insights reports that tablet users spend 21% more per purchase when compared with traditional laptop and desktop visitors. So it certainly makes financial sense to invest in mobile optimization.

Increasing Performance

The final thing that you need to worry about is the performance of your website. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find out information about a new company, only to have the website freeze up or take so long to load that it becomes irrelevant.

You want your site to load quickly and reliably, every time. In this way, web hosting can help you develop a website that is truly effective. While some people choose to build and maintain their own website, it is a time-consuming process. As a result, many businesses make the decision to hire services like Arvixe to provide web hosting on their behalf.

Having an well-thought-out website that looks beautiful and performs efficiently on all types of devices is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your business remains relevant when others are falling by the wayside. 

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