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» » Private Domain Name Registration: The Benefits

Private Domain Name Registration: The Benefits

4-05-2015, 14:55

Private Domain Name Registration: The Benefits

Under standard procedure, professional web hosting providers are required to collect the contact information of anyone who registers a new domain with them, including the customer’s name, physical location, email address and phone number into a searchable directory known as WHOIS. The WHOIS database is open to the public, allowing any private citizen to find out more information about the owner of a particular domain with a simple search.

To combat the potential invasion of privacy and security issues WHOIS requirements can bring to the table, many webmasters opt for private domain registration instead. Private domain name registration works in a similar fashion to an unlisted phone number, replacing your personal contact information with that of the web service host, and in a time where identity theft and other cybercrime is evolving more quickly than ever, private domain name registration can provide invaluable peace of mind for individuals who value their security.

Solicitation Blocking

Along with serving to help thwart cybercrimes through removal of sensitive personal information from the public WHOIS database, a hidden benefit of private domain registration is the incidental spam-killing effect it can have. When you control the exposure of your information, you can decide who you want to have your contact information instead of scammers having it at their perusal.

Private domain name registration can also work to sharply lower your incidence of spam by disguising your email address, a spammer’s primary point of entry. Many of the leading web service hosting companies provide their clients with a unique email address that randomizes within the WHOIS database at least every 10 days to help keep spam out of your inbox.

Sensible Security

Besides the compelling set of advantages that private domain name registration offers webmasters, another reason private domain name registration is practically a mandatory investment is the incredible value it delivers if you want Australian website hosting. There are few if any comprehensive security measures that could safeguard an entire network for the typical $20 monthly subscription cost of private domain registration, making it one of the most cost-effective investment in online security.

Registration with the WHOIS database is an international security initiative, but can still present an unwarranted threat to a webmaster’s personal security by making their private information part of an open record. Private domain registration is a way to directly combat this issue by declaring yourself off-limits to the public.

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